Heavenly Throne 20

Did you know that you are supposed to clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ? I ask you, what does that mean and what does that look like!? For most of us I think it’s one of those Scriptures we skim over as it defies logic.

Be that as it may, Scripture tells us to do this so it would be wise for us to stop and consider what Jesus means when He says we need to clothe ourselves with Him. Does this mean we should find out what clothes He wore when He walked on earth and wear that type of clothing?  No, so that means it is something that is a reality in another dimension in which we live.

Also, does Jesus wear the same clothing that He wore on earth in heaven? NO, His clothing is very different now. He does not look the same as He did on earth and this is why John did not recognize the Lord when He turn to see who had spoken to him.

In heaven, this is His appearance. He has a long, full-length robe. He has a golden sash around His chest. His head and hair are as white as wool or glistening snow. His eyes are like flames of fire. His feet glow like metal in a furnace. His voice sounds like the roar of many waters. He holds stars in His hands. A sharp two-edged sword comes out of His mouth and His face shines like the brightness of the sun.

Now, to clothe yourself with Jesus Christ means to make yourself look like Him, or to identify yourself as looking like Him. Mind blowing, mind altering? More than any psychedelic drug can induce! And no religious demon is going to allow you to even begin imagining that this is what you, as a new creation in Him, look like.

Now, this is not our current earthly reality and for most of us it is not even a mental reality. This is a heavenly or spiritual reality. It is THE TRUTH about who He is and who you are IN Him. The reason why we are told to PUT ON the armour of light and to CLOTHE ourselves with Him is because we have not yet come to the reality of this truth in our minds and our bodies. Ultimately, we will be fully clothed with our heavenly, resurrected bodies, but for now Jesus asks us to come into this identity in Him in our minds.

Everything Jesus reveals in Revelation has a specific purpose and function in your relationship with Him personally, in our relationship with Him corporately, and our ministry here to humanity, to every living creature, to the earth and the cosmos. The end game is to bring heaven to earth and without the full revelation of who Jesus is NOW, in heaven, and who WE are here on earth, His plan will not be accomplished. (It will, but maybe not in our lifetime unless we get our act together.)

The question to ask yourself is, “How much do I want to participate in the things of the Lord and the Kingdom of Heaven while I am here on earth?”

Take some time in answering the above question. Think about what Jesus looks like and how far can you accept, or clothe, yourself in this image? How will this impact your life? What kind of persecution – TRIBULATION – are you going to come under if you choose to accept this as a reality in your life now? If you choose to go this way it is going to cost you your life. But Jesus said that if you lay your life down for His sake and the kingdom you would find it, not only in this life but also in the life that is to come. I promise you, what you find is far greater than what you lose.

There are rewards and positions of honour that Jesus will give to those who overcome, meaning those who have been willing to lay down their lives for His sake and His kingdom. Not everyone is going to receive the same inheritance or reward. Jesus reveals this in chapter two and three of Revelation and we will look at these. Please remember, we are not talking about salvation, we are talking about ETERNAL inheritance and rewards.

Come on, we can do this …

I love you and I’m cheering for you!


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  1. God bless u in your ministry. It is such a blessing to my heart to receive your emails. Yours in Christ Jesus Yvonne

    1. Hi Bonny
      Thank you so much. This is so encouraging to me. I’m glad you are enjoying the blogs and pray for the Lord to increase and multiply your vision and dreams of heaven and His plans concerning you.