Heavenly Throne 21

So, just when I think I am going to quickly finish what Jesus looks like and then a whole bunch of revelation goes “poof” and I am again having to process it all. So, Revelation chapter 1 continues. 😊

I have already covered the robe with which you are actually clothed in, in heaven. In your mind and here on earth it is not seen as something physical, but it represents who you are as a child of God here on earth. Remember our flow – spirit, soul, body, or spiritual, mental, physical. If you are righteous in heaven, then your soul is righteous and so is your body. This is a truth that God has firmly established and decreed concerning you through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and especially because you are NOW a NEW CREATION. All things passed away the day you were born of God. Everything, and that would include your soul and your body were made new.

Repentance, or repenting from dead works, is about the transformation of your mind from a pattern of thinking that has been established and declared about you from the systems and philosophies of this world and its religion, into the mindset that you are exactly what Jesus declares you to be and that as He is so are you IN THIS WORLD. Jesus is not coming or appearing to deal with your sin, He comes or appears to you to teach you about RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Remember this, religion wants to deal with your sin, Jesus wants to deal with your righteousness!

You will never overcome sin while you are conscious of sin! However, the more conscious you become of your righteousness in Christ, the more victorious you will be over sin. Repentance from sin is about forsaking a worldly mindset and taking on another mind. You do this by becoming heavenly minded. It is about learning to fix your thoughts (your whole soul) on things above where Christ is seated, and so are you, at the right hand of the Father.

This is applicable to every other item of clothing or description of who you are as a NEW CREATION.

Look at this mystery that God hid in Psalm 102:18-22 (GW)

This will be written down for a future generation so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord: “The Lord looked down from His holy place high above. From heaven He looked at the earth. He heard the groans of the prisoners and set free those who were condemned to death. The Lord’s name is announced in Zion and His praise in Jerusalem when nations and kingdoms gather together to worship the Lord.”

The church is that generation and we are “the people yet to be created.” The saints, the sons and daughters of God are a new species of beings that have never existed before. If that is not exciting, then what is!

Our problem is that we are still so acquainted with death whereas we should be acquainted with LIFE. This is Jesus’ purpose for writing His Book. In it He reveals the glorious mystery that was hidden in the ages past but has now been revealed to us, His Beloved. And His plans and purposes for us are far above and more excellent than anything found on earth. He is the door to the realm of heaven, it is open, and you have been invited in!

So, come on, let’s go up, let’s go in, let’s go see what our Father is doing, and then let’s come back and establish His kingdom here on earth!

Great is the mystery that is called, “YOU!”

Have a wonderful weekend.


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