Heavenly Throne 24

Have you ever had anyone “roar” at you? How did that make you feel?

I remember being hijacked and this guy roaring all kinds of insane things at me while holding a gun to my head. It is enough to make your whole being tremble. The atmosphere was so charged with fear that I struggled just to get the name Jesus out of my mouth. I did! And the more I did so the angrier he got. And God sent the cavalry! Another couple arrived on the scene as they did not get the message that their appointment had been cancelled. My attackers aid went ballistic on his hooter and they sped away without my vehicle. Amen. A roar can be a very terrifying experience.

Now, when it comes to Jesus His voice sounds like the roar of the ocean. I live at the sea and while sitting on the deck I listened to the sound of the waves. Above the crashing sounds I began hearing a roar that sounded like an airplane flying really low. But the sound did not pass. Instead it got louder to where it thundered in my ears.

Just like His eyes there is tremendous passion in His voice when it comes to you as you are His prized possession and He is in love with you! Yes, the thunderous sound of His voice can make your whole being tremble and cause you to fall on your face in fear. Now if His voice can cause that reaction in you, what do you think it does to your enemy?

When John fell on his face, Jesus gently touched him and put him back on his feet. This is not true of your enemy though. As soon as His voice has brought you into peace with Him a very powerful thing happens. The power of His Voice and His presence with you causes Satan to be crushed underneath your feet.

In Revelation’s Jesus reveals His thunderous voice. There are seven thunders or legal decrees and commands that Jesus releases from His mouth. These thunders are for your protection, healing and deliverance and at the same time they bring destruction to the enemies plans and purposes against you. The only reason why His roar seems to be so terrifying is because His voice is released and heard WITHIN you. It is not the sound of anger against you because of any sin or shortcoming. It is His passionate protection over you because He loves you.

I dare you to begin asking the Lord to release the thunder of His voice within you. If you quake and shake, that’s great, because it is not you but the works of Satan within you that are being shattered and brought under your feet. It is the beast, the dragon and the false prophet that are coming under the judgement of God, not you.

There are few things that can compare with the majesty of His voice when He roars out His decrees concerning you. Rest in the truth that He is preparing you for the greatest battle, called trials and tribulations, which you face in your life. And as you overcome there are a multitude of heavenly (eternal) blessings that are being stored up for you. These blessings will begin to manifest in your life in the spirit, in your soul and in your body.

Prepare for battle! 🤺


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  1. This really got my attention! This what rose up in me one night last month as I lay awake, my spirit roaring against the pneumonia that had come against my body

    Hear our spirits roaring in chorus to His roar
    We roar and roar and roar and roar, and then we roar some more
    See the doorposts shaking as they join in the roar, that only makes us roar the more
    This roaring rises from our core, we roar and roar from every pore
    This roaring opens prison doors so they too join the roar, that only makes us roar the more
    The altar fires now leap up, sparking roar on fiery roar
    They reach the coals there in our core to spark a flame to make us roar the more
    There’s fire in this roar!
    Inferno burn and burn and burn, then let it burn some more
    and every flame has it’s own roar
    We will not cease this roaring now, awake, asleep, at work or play
    Our spirits roar through night and day, they cannot help but roar
    The gates of darkness must now break before our mighty roar
    They break and break and break and break, and then they break some more
    The earth beneath us starts to quake, responding the roar
    The molten rock, it’s very core, has its own thunderous roar
    Exploding from each mountain top a mighty fiery roar
    and each rock has it’s own roar
    Feel the air now shaking as winds rush in to roar
    To enter every crevice and push past every door
    They call the sea to rise and roar, each wave has it’s own roar
    They roar and roar and roar and roar and then they roar some more
    Each beast and bird each tree in field no longer can they wait
    They all have joined the chorus to help us roar the more
    From President to pauper, from the Bishop to the babe
    Must heed this call to roaring or be roared right out of sight
    This rising roar crescendo, this inferno with a voice
    This bride in roar now telling the crooked path – “lay straight!”
    We hear his roar approaching, we sense it coming near
    We will not stop our roaring till He is finally here
    Rodney Liebich, June 2019