Heavenly Throne 26

Have you ever tried to imagine the sword that comes out of Jesus’ mouth? He can do anything and if He chooses to send a sword out of His mouth, He can. I think John saw a sword because He said so. But as we have seen before it changes its appearance as it moves through the mental and physical realms.

To us, it may not appear as a “physical” sword but whatever it is it can cut and divide like a finely sharpened knife. Knowing what this sword is and how He uses it is of great benefit to you and me. The last thing we want is to accidentally walk into it. 😊

In Hebrews, we have a clue as to what this sword is.

Hebrews 4:12 For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Here the sword is likened to the Word of God. This Word is not the Bible, even though God may use the Bible to assist you in hearing His voice. The WORD OF GOD is anything that God has said to you personally, whether it comes through prayer, or reading the Bible, or hearing a sermon, or receiving a prophecy. In all of these instances, it is up to you to determine whether He has spoken to you. His Word is that which He has spoken to you face to face, in the intimacy of your own heart and mind. Always remember that Jesus is the Word of God and not the Bible. The Bible is a book that contains stories and events that happened between Him and His people.

Notice how everything in this Scripture has to do with what is inside you. Nothing here deals with your external circumstances or the physical world around you. Interestingly, we so often want to use it on our circumstances when God has designed it to work on our internal thoughts and attitudes. Before His Word will ever operate as a sharp two-edged sword out of your mouth to change your circumstances, you will have to have allowed it to do its work within you first.

Many times, we do not want to change our thoughts and attitudes. Maybe this is why many prayers seem to go unanswered. This is not because Jesus has not sent His answer, but rather that we are not willing to receive His correction in our thoughts and intentions so that there is no hindrance to us receiving what we have asked for.

For example, 22 years ago Dave was a crack cocaine addict. This sent my life into real chaos, heartache, and pain. I would go to the Lord in prayer asking Him to change Dave and to change my circumstances. But instead of heeding to my request He answered as follows, “Leave him alone, he is My son. Let’s talk about you!” And was there a lot of stuff I had to deal with – unforgiveness, anger, depression, my own way, and the list goes on. It was a tough time but as I allowed the Holy Spirit to work on my thoughts and intentions to bring them into alignment with Him, the miraculous happened and both Dave and I came out of the bondage that cocaine had brought into our lives.

The Word of God to you will do the same. When your inward life, your thoughts and intentions, are not just submitted to but have been changed into those of Christ, you will find your own sword with which you can change the world around you.

It is this sword that Jesus uses throughout the rest of the Book of Revelation. The entire Book is about how He uses His word to bring you to your final glory, which is the fullness of who He is in you. The new heaven and the new earth will appear as and when His glorious Church has aligned herself with Him, just as a bride does to her husband.

Every judgement, every woe, every bowl, and every other thing revealed in Revelation has to do with your relationship with Him and then with your relationship with others. Revelation is not written to the world, it is written to us from our loving Saviour, whose desire is to see all men SAVED not condemned.

I am beginning to see Revelation as more of a battle between His love towards humanity which is in conflict to our violent tendencies for retribution. There is a mighty call upon the Church of Jesus Christ to bring heaven to earth. At the end of the Book, we see that we will accomplish this task and victory over death will finally manifest here on earth.

Know that you have a very integral part to play in bringing this to pass. You are not here by accident. You are hereby God’s design. He has a great and glorious end for you with eternal rewards untold and unimagined.

Be blessed 😊


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