Heavenly Throne 27

The last description John gives of Jesus before he becomes undone was His face. Remember, John knew Jesus after the flesh, or as He was when He walked on earth. He had also seen Jesus as He appeared to them after the resurrection, which was still in the form and image of a man.

However, it was when He saw Jesus face and recognised Him as the great I AM that everything changed. This was not the Jesus John knew; this was Jesus as God in His full resurrected glory. Every idea and image that he had ever had about Jesus vanished because he now saw the full resurrected Son of God, the first one born from the dead, the vision and perfection of God’s new creation.

He is the seed from which all of God’s new creation would be birthed. Presently the Holy Spirit is working in you all that is pleasing to the Father through Jesus Christ. As you work with Him and bring your thoughts into line with Him and begin seeing yourself as He is, His appearing to your conscience will become brighter and brighter. As you behold Him in His resurrected glory, you will start viewing yourself in your own resurrected glory. This is the hope that we all aspire to and long for, the day we are fully clothed in our resurrected bodies.

In the meantime, you are still in the womb of God. The Holy Spirit is brooding over and creating His genetics within your spirit, soul, and body, until the day He has completed that which He is secretly doing within you. When that day comes, He will announce it with a loud trumpet blast, we will instantly take off our bodies that are still subject to death and decay, put on our new resurrected bodies, and we will be with the Lord forever.

Your face is your identity. It expresses your emotions and personality — the same with Jesus. His face is His identity, and it is also yours. Coming into the full identity of who you are IN Christ Jesus is to take on His identity as your own. This will take some time and faith as we tend to identify ourselves by the face we see in the mirror and not the face of the Lord.

The sun is the principal star in the cosmos and rules over all the other stars. All the planets are illuminated by the sun and everything revolves around it. In the same way, Jesus is the principal, or first, of God’s new creation. His face shining brighter than the sun demonstrates that all things revolve around Him and that He rules over everything that has been made and is currently being formed and fashioned into His new creation.

Your face to face relationship with the Lord is the essential aspect of your life. There are many things, even good things, that will come to challenge your time with the Lord in face to face fellowship. It is important to do good deeds but not at the expense of your relationship. If you find the activities and demands of your life preventing you from spending intimate fellowship with the Lord and getting to know Him, then may I suggest you relook at your life and make some changes.

Jesus is standing at the door of your heart wanting to know if you would like to visit with Him.

Scripture Reference: Rom 6:5; 1 Cor 15; Rev 3:1; 2 Cor 5:19; Col 1:20;

You are His forever!


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