Heavenly Throne 29

Do not yield to fear! How I wish that were easier said than done. But what fear was John overcome with and why did Jesus tell him not to yield to fear?

John was not confronting anything evil, so his fear did not arise out of anything satanic. What did he face that terrified Him so badly? It was the full manifestation of the risen Lord, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of God’s creation.

Jesus, in His full resurrection glory is intensely scary to the human mind as He does not look or sound like anything on earth.

When you meet beings from another dimension or the heavenly realms such as demons, God, angels, cherubim, seraphim, or any other spirit, they are frightening. However, Jesus came over to John, laid His hand upon him and told Him not to yield to the fear he was feeling.

Jesus did not want John to be fearful of His presence but to rise and stand. There is a time to fall at the feet of the Lord in reverence and honour, but there is also a time when you need to be able to stand in His glorified presence to engage in what He is doing in heaven. As we saw before, John had never seen Jesus in His full resurrected glory, yet this is how Jesus was now wanting to reveal Himself to John.

Jesus empowered John to stand as He revealed Himself to John as the Beginning and the End, the Living One, who was dead but now lives forever more and that He holds the keys that unlock death and the unseen world.

Throughout the Book of Revelation, you will see Jesus reveal the Beginning of His kingdom to its finale, and the power of His death and resurrection over death and the unseen world. He reveals creatures that exist in the unseen realm and how He gains victory over them to bring all things back into the glory He had ordained before time.

Jesus desires to reveal Himself to you in the same way. He wants you to see Him as He was, as He is now and as He is to come. There is a progression in your growth in the Lord where He takes you from seeing Him as He was when He walked the earth and when He appears to your conscience as a man. He reveals Himself as a man to you first as this is about as much as you can handle. When you know Him as a man and what He did in His life, death, and resurrection, He will bring you up higher and begin revealing Himself in greater levels of glory.

Before Jesus takes you up into higher realms of glory He will reveal to you who He is, and He will deal with any issues that are preventing you from growing in righteousness and teach you how to overcome them. once you have overcome these issues, which are only done through righteousness, then He lavishes His rewards upon you.

Romans 1:17 For in it (the Gospel) a righteousness from God is revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”

Once Jesus fully revealed Himself to John, He tells Him to write seven letters to HIS church. These letters were each addressed to a specific Church; however, they are not intended for that Church only. They had to swap the letters and pay attention to what Jesus reveals in each one. This means that all the letters apply to all the churches and the individuals in that church.

Everything in the Book of Revelation is relevant to you personally. Every letter written to the Churches applies to you too. the call to “come up here” is your call to come up into His presence. The angels, seven spirits, trumpets, bowls, and everything else in it involves you too. When He returns, He will return with you as one in Him. At no time do I believe that Jesus separates Himself from His church to carry out His mission. If He is the head and we are His body then we are involved in everything He does, from beginning to end and all things in between.

Are you ready to enter the glory of your resurrection in Him and to join Him in His final quest to bring all things under the feet of the Father? I believe you are, so let’s go up!

To the high call of God! 🎇


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