Heavenly Throne 28

When John saw Jesus, he fell at his feet like a dead man. That means he was petrified!

I have not yet encountered the Lord to where I have been petrified. Have you? I don’t know anyone that has had an encounter with the Lord to that degree personally. However, it is something that I have dared to ask for, and it is something I pray over you too! 😇

What do you think would happen to you and I if we had to encounter the Lord in this way? I think it would radically change us and we would never be the same again. My prayer is for the Church to come into extraordinary and beautiful encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that these encounters would increase to such a degree that we would be set free from our worldly needs and comforts to where we would surrender all we have and all we are to Him.

While John lay there petrified, Jesus came and put His right hand upon him and told Him not to be afraid. Earlier in Revelation 1, we saw that Jesus holds the seven stars in His right hand, and now He is laying His right hand upon John. Jesus right hand speaks of His power, authority and blessing which He is now imparting to John. Jesus’ tone of voice was reassuring to John and John was able to release his fear and respond to Jesus.

I believe that this encounter enabled John to receive the fullness of the revelation that Jesus wanted to reveal to him. There are powerful truths that Jesus reveals about Himself and His church, which I believe are crucial for us to understand if we are to bring heaven to earth successfully. Jesus is not doing anything without you and me, so we had better get our act together! 😊

A key to operating in the power, authority, and blessing of the Lord is to meet Him in the spirit realm. The spirit realm is not some faraway planet but the secret place within you where He dwells. When you come to the place within you where you are at peace with God and free from the guilt and condemnation of sin, you will find yourself in the holy place where He reveals Himself to you.

As you move deeper into the realm of the spirit, which is made visible by faith in your imagination, your reverence, awe, and honour (the fear of the Lord) for Him will increase. The fear of the Lord will, in turn, increase your ability to see Him and then to follow Him. He will reveal His secrets to you, show you things to come, and be your constant companion and source of provision. Your “fear factors” will move from the fear of darkness and all that is in it, to the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of godly wisdom, power, and provision.

In this secret place, Jesus appears and reveals Himself to you as the Beginning and the End. He is the One who died but now lives forever, and as a result, so do you. He is the One who holds the keys, or the knowledge, that unlocks death and the unseen world within and around you.

His mission – to teach you how to arise as His son/daughter and conquer death. What a cool assignment!

Over the weekend, I would like to encourage you to take some time to think about how you would react if Jesus appeared to you as He did to John. How have you interacted with the spirit realm and does Jesus appear to you in your heart? What has He shown you, and what has He told you? Chat with Him about your encounters, thoughts and desires. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you in a more significant measure. Most of all, do not fear the Lord from the point of punishment for sin. He has already borne the penalty for your sins. It is now time for you to “come up here” and sit with Him in His kingdom of righteousness.

Have a wonderful weekend. 😀


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