Heavenly Throne 8

Wow! The trumpet of the Lord! What a glorious and magnificent instrument this is!

Firstly, it is not a physical or natural trumpet or shofar. It is His VOICE. When He speaks in the heavens His VOICE sounds like a trumpet. It is strong, powerful, clear, and decisive in its message. The whole Book of Revelation is about the appearing or coming of the Lord and it begins with Jesus revealing who He really is, not according to the physical form that He had as a man on earth, but the form He now has as the Son of God, glorified and resurrected.

John knew Jesus as a man on earth but the encounter He would now have was not with the man but with Jesus as God, the King of kings and the Lord of Lords. The truth is that God has instructed us not to know ANYONE, that would be us, as mere mortals dwelling among men, but as the glorious, resurrected sons and daughters of God. This will certainly require a shift in our mental capacity to see each other from an eternal, perfect and sinless being. The saints are God’s most wonderful creation He has ever created, but this is not something our enemy wants us to be aware of. (2 Cor 5:16)

However, I believe, this is exactly what Jesus wants us to know and the glory that He has called us to live in – now and in the ages to come.

At this point John has entered into the realm of the spirit, our third heaven, but has not yet seen who is speaking to him. He is simply aware that some powerful being must be talking because His voice sounds like a trumpet. There are many Scriptures that associate the VOICE of God to the sound of a trumpet. Jesus is not blowing a trumpet in heaven, He is SPEAKING! And over and over He calls to humanity and says, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying.” Sadly, to many it’s just a sound that calls somewhere in their soul, but they are not able to identify and distinguish His VOICE.

The first time the trumpet is used in Scripture it was used to call the Israelite’s to come and meet with God. The call of God to His elect (the saints), to gather together to meet with Him will be the foundation for all the trumpets that sound in the Book of Revelation. This is not a physical gathering as it was for the Israelite’s, for us it is the call to come up to Mount Zion, to the New Jerusalem, the city of our God. This is not a physical place; it is called the City that was not made by hands but a City whose builder and maker is God.

Some interesting facts about the trumpet in Scripture are that the trumpet first and foremost was the sound of His voice calling people to come and meet with Him. It also came with the manifestation of His glorious throne with thunder and lightning and thick darkness. WOW! Imagine encountering God like this! We Will! This darkness IS NOT EVIL, there is no evil in God, but rather represents the mysteries of Christ that are hidden in this thick, dark cloud. It causes the fear of God to come upon us to restrain us from evil. Hallelujah, we really need that manifest in us!

The trumpet also heralded the call to celebrate the day of rest through the atonement sacrifice. Jesus calls us into His rest which we do by celebrating our freedom from sin. It is a call to assemble to meet with God and also the call to go out and do battle. (Note: our battle is NOT against humanity, it is against wicked spiritual forces.) The trumpet was also blown to notify the assembly when to shout the praises of God and when to come together to worship. The Lord’s trumpet or Voice is also the release of His decrees, which are in our favour and against Satan and his works. It is associated with God’s protection over His people and finally, His trumpet will usher in the great and glorious day being the resurrection of our bodies from the dead. Death will be vanquished forever and a new age of eternal immortality, spirit, soul and body, will be complete and our beautiful union with the Lord will be forever and ever, Amen.

So, when it comes to the “trumpet judgments” of the Lord they may just take on a whole new meaning.

Mat 24:31 And He will send forth His angels with a great trumpet and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to another.

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The TRUMPET is blowing! 🎺📯


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