“Howzit!” & “High Five!”

Have you ever thought about how Jesus would greet you if you knocked on His door?

I think His brother James had a great understanding and reveals Jesus when he greets his readers with the word “Greetings!” On an impersonal level it would be a simple “Hello” or “Hi” but not in this case. James’s greeting was more like “HOWZIT!” and “HIGH FIVE!” It means to be full of cheer and rejoicing. His attitude and emotion at the time of writing was not one of morbidity and woe but of great exuberance and expectation. He was not about to slap them on the wrist because they were not performing but of taking them by the hand and saying, “Come on, get up, let’s do this!”

From there he focuses on being full of joy – don’t worry, be happy – especially when we are experiencing hard times and difficulties! All kinds of trials face us and surround us on an ongoing basis, but the secret is to consider them with ecstatic joy! This is so contrary to our sad and woeful emotions. We tend to consider, think about and be consumed with our trials and then become more depressed and hopeless. James tells us to consider – look at them, face them, think about them – with joy because hidden in those trials is a very great and precious thing.

This most precious thing is “your faith”.  Your faith in the Lord in every circumstance is being tested, tried, and refined to bring you into a place of absolute perfection where you have no need or want for anything.

Today you may be facing problems of some sort but the secret is to find the joy in it. Joy is easy to find when your faith, your thoughts, and your emotions focus on the Lord. Whatever you face, look above the trial to the hope and the salvation that you have in Christ. This lifts you up, brings you into a joyful place and into His wonderful presence.

Rejoice and be glad! 😊





Scripture Reference: James 1:1-3

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