I Can’t!

How many times have you had one of those moments where you are fed up and just exclaimed, “I can’t do this anymore!?” To many to remember, maybe? 😊

Then, has anyone quipped at you, “You can do all things through Christ!” and it left you feeling more irritated than before? Not only that, the last thing you want to do is even think about “I can.” But, regardless of how you feel, the Word of God is true, and the truth is, YOU CAN!

You can overcome, you can change the things around you, you can opt for something else, you can change your attitude, you can change your weight, you can change your financial position, you can change your health, you can change anything you want to and no matter how you are feeling you ARE busy changing things around you.

In Philippians 4:11 where the famous quote “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” comes from, Paul is essentially talking about contentment, particularly where your finances are concerned. But I don’t specifically want to deal with finances only. If it is true where finances are concerned, it is also true concerning every other situation or circumstance.

Being able to ‘do all things’ begins with learning to be content with where you are. Whether you’re in a position of plenty or in a position of lack, you must learn to become content. Being content is to feel and show satisfaction with the possessions, status, and situations that you find yourself in. The Lord will never tell us to do something just because He thinks it’s a good idea. He knows the secrets and the principals by which He governs the earth and the universe, and when you learn to follow the principals that He has set in place you will find all the grace that you need to DO ALL THINGS!

The reason you need to learn to become content is because contentment and discontentment are both issues that spring from within your own heart. It is from within your heart, that deep inward place where you live and think, that you begin creating life and death circumstances. From deep within you, you release words that are either filled with anger, hopelessness, defeat, etc., or you will release words filled with hope, peace, and faith for a good outcome.

When you learn to become content, which comes through recognising and giving thanks for all the good things in your life, even if it is only for the fact that you are saved and have your name written in His book of life, you will bring your heart and emotions into the place of being content where life can produce abundance for you. Contentment brings your soul into peace with God. When your thoughts are at peace with God and praise and thanksgiving abound in your thoughts towards Him, that His joy arises, and His strength becomes your strength, and you will find YOU CAN do all things through Him because He really does strengthen you.

Have a great week and know that YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS!





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  1. I would love to serve the Jewish people if that’s what God wants me to do because God love the Jewish people and i need to follow Gods orders from now on I need to obey Gods orders and make no decisions by myself Amen and Amen