Impossible You Say!

How many times have you looked at a situation and considered it to be impossible? You just cannot see a way out or figure out how it could be solved?

How many times have you heard that nothing is impossible with God? This morning while in prayer I suddenly saw this from God’s perspective. 😊 Firstly, God did not say that nothing is impossible with Him, He said, “All things ARE POSSIBLE with Him.”

God stands and operates from within the realm of POSSIBLE, the world (our bad or negative circumstances) operates from the realm of ‘impossible’. Our enemy looks for us to agree with him buy saying that our circumstance is impossible. This is dangerous ground because this is where he operates from. For as long as we see the impossible, he has the upper hand.

However, when we choose to step into Jesus and see from His perspective and the victory of His cross, we see that which is POSSIBLE, and that changes everything. When you can see the POSSIBILITY that God declares from heaven, then with a little bit of faith and patience, you will see the possible manifest in the realm that declares it is impossible.

If you are facing a situation that declares itself to be impossible, pull it into your heart, through your thoughts, and process it there in the presence of the light of God and His Word, until you are able to see it from the POSSIBLE perspective. Once you can see the POSSIBLE in your heart voice it! In this way you are releasing that which is the truth, God’s perspective, in heaven onto the earth. As you keep your thoughts on that which is POSSIBLE it will soon establish itself for you, in the midst of that which says it’s impossible.

I pray today that the Holy Spirit’s love will lead you into the secret place and show you that which is POSSIBLE. May the POSSIBLE flood your heart with peace and joy and bring you into the wonderful experience of all that Jesus is and has for you. may His kingdom come, and His will be done, here on earth as it is in heaven, in your life.

All things ARE POSSIBLE! 😊





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