In Hell and Happy!

Is it possible to be happy when you are going through hell?

Yes, yes, it is BUT it does not happen automatically. You must be willing to surrender yourself to the One who empowers you – the Holy Spirit. Surrender is a learned and practiced skill that is acquired by experience, study and observation.

Just like we learn to walk and talk and master other practices (through our schooling years) to enable us to function as adults in this world, so we learn to walk in the ways of God. We learn His language and we practice (learn through experience) with things in His kingdom until we have mastered them. Then we go out and operate as the sons and daughters of God. Through learning by experience our character is developed, our faith is developed, and our power to change things develops.

God expects us to grow up into wonderful mature sons and daughters that bring tremendous change to this world and the lives of others. It is a great call and a great ministry (job or function). However, He expects us to learn to do all this with the joyful and playful heart of a child.

Jesus was the most joyful and playful person this planet has ever known. Have you ever wondered why He was so happy when He was facing so many tests and trials? IT IS BECAUSE HE WAS SEEING US (YOU) FACE TO FACE! You are the most exciting CREATURE and He is absolutely delighted in seeing you face to face. You are the reason for His joy, His happiness, and His ecstasy. These deep, intense and ecstatic FEELINGS of joy He had inside of Him for us empowered Him to endure the cross.

When your joy, your happiness, and your ecstasy is all about seeing HIS FACE, you will find the same power within you to endure anything and everything that you are facing. This does not mean you won’t feel pain and sorrow or experience mental torment or struggle with your thoughts. You are a living being with all kinds of thoughts and feelings that are activated by your circumstances.

The circumstance is there for you to practice and master your heavenly skills upon. They are the doors for you to open with your keys called “ask” and “imagine” behind which the Lord is waiting to burst through with rewards that go way beyond anything you have asked or imagined.

Therefore, consciously and purposefully, set your mind, your will and your affections, upon seeing His face. Then get your keys – asking and imagining – and get to work at opening that door!

Have a “surprising” day! 😊 😊





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