Jesus loves tormenting my enemy!

May your life be filled with joy and peace and victory as you continue in your journey of love into the heart of your Father.

I want to share an experience I had with the Lord. It has stayed on my mind and brings me joy whenever I think about it so I thought I would share it with you.

While lying in bed and talking to the Lord He brought a part of Psalm 23 to my mind where He says that He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. This scripture then opened into a vivid vision in my imagination.

I saw a beautiful, large table with a flowing white table cloth gently blowing in a soft breeze. On the table were all kinds of wonderful eats and things to drink. I was there, the Lord, the Father and the Spirit were there as well as angels, animals, and other people I knew. The Lord and the Father and the Spirit kept coming over to hug and kiss me and we were having the most wonderful outdoor party.

Then I became aware of a whole host of demons standing off to the one side. They were angry and frustrated and I could see that they had no desire to be there, and desperately wanted to leave, but for some or other reason they did not leave and I was wondering why. As I was looking at them the Lord came and put His arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to Himself. I was so in love and so happy in His presence. He laughed as He read my thoughts.

He reminded me of the scripture, “He prepares a table before me in the PRESENCE OF THE ENEMY.” He does this deliberately. He conveyed to me that demons hate watching Him love me (or you). They hate seeing me forgiven of my sins and that He says I am NOT GUILTY, when they think I am. What really aggravates them is that I get loved and forgiven for my sin but they DO NOT. Their destiny is sealed. Their end is the lake of fire. They have no hope, no love and no salvation offered to them and watching the Lord cascade love and grace and mercy upon me is absolute torment to them.

Demons desire to torment people and make their lives hell. They want everyone to go to hell and everyone to be punished for their sin. They hate forgiveness and they cannot stand the blood of Jesus. But, Jesus loves you and me and He loves nothing more than loving us and tormenting our enemies.

How cool is that! 😊

Now, if you have been going through some horrible stuff, take a break, and go eat something with the Lord. Let Him throw a party for you and watch the enemy squirm while they are watching. It will make you happy, fill you with faith, love, righteousness, and peace and before you know it you will have turned circumstances in your favour because of the love of God that rests upon you.





Scripture Reference: Psalm 23

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  1. Amen God continuously protects us he never leaves nor forsakes us. God Prepares a table for me before my enemies one thing I know preparation takes up a lot of time and during this time we can’t wait for the great ordeal that is why we need faith and patience. #SurelyGoodnessAndMercyFollowMe