Jesus Prays!

Are you consciously aware that Jesus prays for you?

We know what praying for others looks and feels like, we know what others praying for people looks like, but rarely think about how Jesus prays for us.

Imagine Jesus coming to you and saying, β€œI am praying for you,” and then taking you into His arms and kissing you on your forehead. How does that make you feel? I know how comforting it is when we pray for each other and care for one another, but how would you feel if Jesus walked into the room and prayed for you personally? Chances are you would come undone! 😊 I dare you to do this! Close your eyes and imagine! It is in your imagination that you see, hear, and engage with Him.

When you allow Jesus to personally pray for you it does something to your faith. An unnatural peace and confidence comes and overshadows you, and an overwhelming comfort settles in your heart when you know that He is busy caring for you and loving you.

Jesus, together with the Holy Spirit, is so personally involved with you. Scripture says that Jesus is touched by the feelings you have when you are weak or in trouble, because He went through the same things you go through. As a result, He knows how to pray for you and how to comfort you. He feels your pain and suffering with you and prays for you so that you can have victory over your situation as you come to Him.

If you are in trouble I encourage you to go into the presence of the Lord and ask Him to pray for you. Do this in faith. Ask Him to lay His hands on you and touch you. Listen and see if you can hear what He says. Don’t be in a hurry. Stay there in your mind and heart until you experience His love wash over you as He draws you close to Him. (Pray in tongues as you do this)

Scripture Reference: Heb 4:15

Feel loved always 😊





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