Just Thinking

The other day I was “just thinking” as I walked with the Lord. We were chatting about various things about His kingdom when I made a comment and backed it up with, “I don’t know, I was just thinking!”

Suddenly an expression became the topic of discussion. There are varying definitions for the word “just,” but the one the Lord focused on was the legal term or definition of the word, and that if I want heaven to operate in my life my “thinking needs to be just”. Hence, “just thinking” suddenly meant a whole lot more than an expression.

Just thinking is thinking in line with bringing your thoughts into conformity with that which is legally correct in heaven. The court of heaven has its own standard of judgement, laws and regulations and if you want to entreat heaven to intervene on your behalf in a matter, then you need to present a case based on that which is true in heaven. To do this you will have to forsake the thoughts of your culture, your peers and your family.

Bringing your thoughts in line with the Lord positions you for success and victory. It is a legal court case that takes place in your mind. You have an adversary who argues against the laws of heaven concerning you, and in the process hopes that you will concede and agree with him. As soon as you start accepting the truth that you have been made, or are, holy in God’s sight, your adversary comes along and reminds the court that you are guilty of committing this and that sin. Then, like an unjust, ungodly lawyer, he turns on you to condemn you and smash your character.

However, you have an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, who defends you in your mind through reminding you, and the court, that you are holy BECAUSE of what Jesus did. When you came to Christ the “YOU” that was guilty of sin and condemned to death, died. That “YOU” does not exist in the kingdom of heaven. In heaven there is a “RIGHTEOUS” you, and that YOU is not guilty of sin because YOU are a NEW CREATION.

The only thing that keeps the OLD YOU alive in your mind is your memory of your former “self”. This memory is what Satan uses to accuse you and he desperately wants you to agree with him. Without your surrender he can’t win against you. So, he gets one of his demons to impersonate you so that you look at your old self and identify yourself in that image and not in the image of Christ.

Have you ever watched the movie Men in Black 1? In this movie a cockroach takes over the body of a man and impersonates him while he is looking for the “galaxy” which he needs in order to take over the world. Demons are nothing more that imposters that take over an old image of you so that they can “kill” the new image and take over your galaxy, your world, your life. All this takes place in your thinking. But, as soon as you recognise who you really are, and you think “justly” or in line with who you are as a heavenly child of God, and declare yourself as justified, that you blow him apart!

Being a child of God is all about destroying the works of the devil. These works are the false images that Satan sets up in your mind against you, but you have these wonderful weapons, called weapons of righteousness, which are yours to use anytime you want, to smash his arguments and the plans of destruction he thought he had against you.

Come on, have some fun with your God. He loves you. You are His champion. He is not angry or upset with you. He is simply taking you out for shooting lessons. Every time you think “just” thoughts, you have fired at the enemy. Why not do it continually to where he becomes afraid of you? Why not accept the image of Christ, in whose image you have been made, rather than the image of a dead person?

Rise up, be proud of the One in whose image you have been made! Be like a child and take on the image of your DAD! Put His shoes and suit on, take His sword, then march into the enemies hideout in your mind, and tear him to pieces!

You are glorious! 😊





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  1. Thank you. This morning i was praying psalm 17, and as i meditated on the part
    “Hear a just cause” i realised how often our prayers are not for just causes, and only that which is righteous in God’s eyes, that which is in accordance with His will can be described as just, after reading what you have written i realise to bring a just cause to Father’s attention i need “just thinking” may Holy Spirit renew our minds…..

    1. Amen and thank you for the thank you! “Just thinking” will bring you so much joy and blessing! Keep growing in the knowledge of His will and remember your Father always loves you.