Kingdom Experience!

β€œAt last the fulfillment of the age has come! It is time for the realm of God’s kingdom to be experienced in its fullness! Turn your lives back to God and put your trust in the hope-filled gospel!” (Mark 1:15 TPT)

Are you aware the Jesus came to bring in a completely new age! The time had come for God to bring an end to the reign of the devil and to restore US back to Himself and to bring us into the fullness of all His heavenly kingdom. This is really great news! Jesus came to restore peace between us and God. He came to open the heavens once again so that we could enjoy His presence every moment of our lives!

When God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden the heavens were closed. There was no access to Eden (Paradise) anymore. However, this was going to change. God made a promise to Eve that Jesus would come, and the way would be opened once again 😊. That time had finally come, and Jesus went around preaching and teaching, telling everyone that the kingdom of heaven was at hand. It was an exciting time. So, thrilling was this message that Jesus healed people, cast out devils, raised people form the dead and did hundreds of other happy things. There was a lot of happiness in the land.

When He was baptized, God parted the heavens and peeked in to see what His Son was doing and to let Him know how proud He is of Him. Jesus got a glimpse of the heavens opening and knew that it would not be long before the gate would once again be open, and we would have access to Eden once again. There were some seriously exciting things coming!

There were other things that Jesus did, some of which have not been written down, and others that are fairly hidden away and when you do see them, they are strange and are not often spoken about. He went to heaven and came back while He was still here on earth, He walked on water, He transfigured Himself, He disappeared in the middle of a crowd, He manipulated matter (turned water into wine and multiplied bread and fish) and when He rose from the dead opened the graves of many dead people who started walking and talking with people around town. He said we would do the same things He did and greater things than what He did.

The heavens are open and you are not human! You are a new creation! You are a child of God. You come from and belong to a realm called heaven and you have all the power and ability to do the things that Jesus did. Who are you and who is your Father?

Imagine going to a church that did some of this stuff. I think that would be just awesome. Church would be anything but boring and I think thousands of people would come to see what is going on and get saved, healed and delivered.

I am not yet walking in all of this stuff, but I sure would like to see more. How about you?

Have a blessed day 😊





Scripture reference: John 2:9; Mark 6:43; John 3:13; Luke 4:29; Matthew 17:2; Matthew 27:52

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