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Would you like to know the greatest secret to the kingdom of Heaven? Would you like heaven to be manifest in your life, your heart and your soul? Then join me on our next enchanting journey with the Lord.

Please read Mark 4:1-20. Read it in a few different translations. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the secrets contained in these verses to you personally so that you can walk in all that He has for you.

Jesus said that this was His most important teaching. If that is so then it would be wise for us to know and understand what He was saying. Have you ever noticed that there are times in your life where you read something in the Bible and it just makes no sense? This is simply because it gives your Father great pleasure for you to seek Him for the meanings of Scripture so that you can go on a wonderful, exciting journey of discovery with Him. He is the Word of God and desires for you to walk with Him so that He can speak to you.

In the parable of the farmer that sows seed the first thing you see is Jesus preaching to a large crowd. He was sharing a secret with them and for most that is all it was. A secret, a mystery, and they never came to understand what He was saying. As a result, it never became a reality to them. The secret behind the parable He only shared with His disciples – those who gathered around Him at His table where they were intimate with Him. It is the same with you. It is in the moments that you are alone with Him and you ask Him to reveal what He is talking about that He unlocks the meaning for you.

There are many things you may hear through preaching and teaching, which are good and necessary as this is how Jesus gets to sow His Word, or Himself, into you. However, I do encourage you to be selective about what you are listening to. Jesus came to set you free, especially from guilt and condemnation, so if there is something you hear that makes you feel worthless, guilty or condemned before God, pay attention as there is another voice and not the Lord’s that you may be hearing.

My prayer for you this year is that you would hear His voice and see His face like never before! 😊

The Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of the Father, in other words He has the same heart and mind that they have, ALWAYS leads you to where you experience righteousness (the forgiveness of ALL sin), joy and peace. if you are not experiencing those three things then you have the right to check out what you have been hearing, to take it to the Lord and to ask Him to help you sift through that which is of Him for you and that which is not. At no time, however, do you have any right to judge the person through whom the message came.

Please, please, do not attack anyone in the body of Christ. This is not healthy or beneficial to your walk with Jesus. Let’s love each other even if we do not understand or agree with each other.

This parable is all about how Jesus and His kingdom works in your life. This is the secret to answered prayer, wisdom, understanding and any other thing you need in life. Unless you understand His role and your role concerning your life, you will miss a lot of things that He has for you. This year, however, is going to be your year of great and wonderful encounters with Jesus.

SO, who is the farmer and what seed is he sowing?

Join me tomorrow …


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  1. Oh my! I came across your page at the nick of time – God brought it to me I believe and I am amazed at the many similarities I share with you Yvonne. I have of late discovered that God delights in me seeking Him and that explains how He sometimes may feel like He is distant whereas He is not. I always look forward to your next posts and so far God reveals Himself through you.

    May His name be glorified.