Kingdom Secrets 10

Another danger that Jesus warns would come and attack your faith is called the deceitfulness of wealth or riches. The key word in all this is not wealth but deceit. There is nothing wrong with money, whether you have an abundance or a lack of it. Money is simply a tool in your hand to conduct business in this world.

Another thing to note is what Jesus said concerning money is that it is the LEAST important thing in His kingdom, however, if you want to reign with Him on His throne you have to learn to master it. (Luke 16:10-13; Rev 3:17-22) He also talks about a being called Mammon who governs the worlds – not God’s – monetary system and that we cannot serve Mammon and Jesus at the same time. In other words, there are two financial systems in operation here on earth where the one rules over the other. You choose which one you are ruled by.

So, let’s talk a bit about money.

Firstly, money is not evil. Money is a physical piece of paper, gold, silver, gems, or bitcoin, shares, etc. None of these things are evil. If you consider these things as evil, Mammon will rule over you. Poverty is NOT godly, as it is not eternal. In fact, a lack of money is a great source of worry, and we looked at how Satan uses worry to defeat your faith.

It is the deceit that lies behind wealth that you need to be conscious of. This deceit lies in your own thinking or belief patterns regarding money, and in that I am including much of the religious ideas about money that have been preached in our western society.

Many saints are in turmoil because of the prosperity doctrine that has been taught and find themselves wavering between differing opinions. It is of utmost importance that you determine for yourself what the truth is FOR YOU. Remember you are in a relationship with the Lord and your desire should be to learn how to rule over money from Him. This means He may tell me to do one thing and you to do another. If you try do what I have done you may end up horribly disappointed.

Financial disappointment that has arisen in the hearts of many saints has come because of a misconception about money. Disappointment, which leads to discontentment about your life and relationship with God, is another tool in Satan’s hand to prevent the Word from becoming productive within you. Many saints have deserted God because the promises made to them through preaching did not work.

This does not mean the message concerning God wanting you to prosper is wrong!

Remember, Satan uses all kinds of thoughts about money to destroy your faith. Jesus likened your faith to a seed and seeds need TIME to sink their roots, to rise above the earth and to eventually bear fruit. Impatience is the thorn that arises to choke or destroy the plant from being able to reach maturity. Many saints have been choked and fallen by the wayside because of this little thorn called impatience.

If you feel that you have choked or fallen by the wayside where your prosperity is concerned, don’t stress, Jesus has an abundance of seeds and will freely give you more. Keep working at it and gain the wisdom that you need to work better and smarter with money. There is NO condemnation here from God. He is patient and kind and will always walk with you, no matter where you find yourself.

For today’s exercise take a look at your money situation. Do you think you work well with money? Do you believe you are ruling over money or do you feel as though money is ruling your life? Do you have to little, enough, more than enough or an abundance? Do you really know what Jesus requires you to do with money? Do you ever think about eternity when you think about money?

Identifying your OWN financial situation and beliefs concerning money are crucial to your life here on earth and ETERNITY. Please, never let go of the sight that you are an eternal being and all that you do has an eternal consequence for YOU.

To be continued …

Have a blessed day! 😊


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