Kingdom Secrets! 11

When it comes to your relationship with Jesus, The Father and the Holy Spirit never let any thought or circumstance tell you that they are either upset with you, don’t care about you, or are guilty of the evil you find yourself surrounded by.

They love you with every fibre of their being and want and need you to know that. Your faith, which is more precious than gold, operates when it is formed and fashioned within their love for you. Nothing will destroy your faith quicker than the thoughts that tell you God is somehow responsible for your situation. If you allow these thoughts to persist in your heart and mind you will struggle in your relationship with Him and your faith life.

Please make a decision to settle this in your heart and mind once and for all. God loves you, He is with you in everything and is always on your side. When you approach life from this perspective it becomes very difficult for the devil to trip you up. Also, remember God is always patient and kind towards you. He is an instructor and desires to teach and train you in His ways so that you can sit with Him on His throne and rule over the affairs of this life.

You are privileged and honoured and favoured by Him. You are His child and He is in all things training you for the age that is to come. This world will come to an end but all the things you chose to endure with Him in a loving relationship will carry rewards that will never stop producing. His desire is for you to manifest heaven on earth, and one of these is called financial wealth. Unless, of course you have chosen not to prosper financially as an act of obedience to Him. This is not something He calls most of us too, so unless He has spoken to you personally and specifically about this then it is not for you.

Back to our parable with the farmer and how Satan uses the deceitfulness of wealth to destroy your faith. Remember, Satan hates you having money but more than that he hates you having faith towards God and in God. Therefore, he uses the worldly system of financial status and wealth to lure you into his ways so that he can nullify your faith. If he cannot beat you up through poverty, he will use the opposite, which is an abundance of money.

 As we said before, money in and of itself is NOT evil. The evil connected to wealth is what lies in the secret place of a person’s heart. An abundance or lack of money has nothing to do with being blessed! I have met people that I consider poor financially who are happy and love the Lord. I know people that have an abundance of money that are happy and love the Lord. It is not the circumstance but the condition of the heart that is at play here. The same is true in the reverse. I have met both poor and rich people who have no desire for God and His kingdom and are desperately unhappy, greedy and often angry.

It is your own personal thoughts and belief concerning money that determines whether you are “rich” or “poor” in God’s sight. God knows what is going on inside you, people around you don’t and therefore they are in no position to judge you. It is the condemnatory judgements of the world, what they say is and is not acceptable, that Satan uses to get to your faith. If he can get you to chase after the things this world says is “cool,” “powerful,” “socially acceptable,” etc., then he will gain access to your faith and choke it.

Consider the following statement made by the Lord,

James 2:5 Listen, my beloved brethren: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and in their position as believers and to inherit the kingdom which He has promised to those who love Him?

One of the biggest and most detrimental things I have seen in the church is the idea that financial wealth and status is considered the “blessing” of God, which leaves those who do not have the same abundance and struggle financially as being cursed by God. This is not true. You can have an abundance of money and not be rich in faith. In fact, the poor generally have more faith in God to heal them, to deliver them or to protect them than those who have money to depend on. Please do not get me wrong, each of us needs to learn to rule money and know how to operate it within the kingdom of heaven, and come into an abundance so that we will be able to take care of the needs of others while they are being discipled.

What is your opinion and belief system concerning financial wealth like? Do you think that money has greater value than faith? What is your “faith” position like? How has your belief structure where money is concerned affected your life and your relationship with Jesus? These are important questions that you need to examine for yourself, deep within your own heart and soul. 😊

Be encouraged and know that God’s plan is far greater than anything you have yet imagined and when you are willing to yield to Him, which means being content and loving towards Him in any and every circumstance, your faith will grow and bring you an abundant harvest in all that the LORD considers wealth and riches.

I will share some testimonies with you in the next blogs to better explain some of what I am saying.

Be happy! 😊


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