These pressures are other ways that Satan uses to steal, kill and destroy the Word of God within you. Remember, Satan and the things of this world only have one goal and that is to destroy any kind of successful life with the Lord. The voice behind all the pressure, stress, and demands to conform and perform is not the Lord’s. Have you ever stopped to think about what the voice of this world sounds like?

Have you ever felt like life is just too much! All sorts of things invade your time, your energy, your thoughts and emotions? In today’s world the pressures of life and the pressure to conform and perform can drive people nuts!

Besides the financial pressures, which we have already looked at, how do you feel about your body? In society today there is such a drive for people to look a certain way, to eat a certain way, and if you don’t “fit the mould” there is a universal voice that says, “You are not good enough!” I have friends that can eat anything they like and never gain weight and others (me) that look at food and gain weight. I know people that live extremely “healthy” lifestyles and are on constant medication and others who drink and smoke and never take medication. One group says this and another that. Which side should you believe? In a sea of a million opinions, how do you know which one to believe? There is only one Voice that is the truth, and He is Jesus Christ.

And there are millions of things that bombard your thoughts, all designed to accuse you and to inform you that there is something wrong with you and that you don’t measure up! Sadly, we have a lot of that in the church too. How many times have you heard a message that has left you feeling like you don’t measure up to God’s standard? Do you feel the pressure to conform to spiritual standards and then feel hopeless, guilty or condemned because you are not “measuring up”? Beware, for the religious spirit is more dangerous than the worldly one!

All these different forms of attack come against you to get you focused on yourself. It is a mirror that holds you accountable for all your faults and failures, imperfections and weaknesses. As you look into that mirror and behold yourself, you will either move more and more towards hopelessness or you will move towards thinking you are better than others. Both are evil. Both are rooted in a false identity. Both are effective tools that Satan uses to destroy the Voice or the Word of God within you.

But here is the glory, no matter how many situations come against you there is nothing they can do or say to destroy the Voice of the Lord when you choose to listen to Him instead. There is no power in heaven or on earth or under the earth that can do anything to you once you have made up your mind to believe the loving Voice of your God, and to guard it as a treasure within you. When you maintain your faith in His Word you are invincible.

There is another mirror that reveals who you really are. When you close your eyes and look at the face of Jesus you will begin to see who you really are. You are made in His image and likeness, created in true righteousness and holiness. The more you see and engage with Jesus, the clearer you will see yourself. The life of Christ within you is great, powerful and productive and will cause you to overcome everything and anything that this world wants to throw at you.

Take heart and know that Jesus is not just with you and for you, HE IS IN YOU AND YOU ARE IN HIM! What a formidable and frightening CREATURE you are in the devil’s face!

Be blessed and know that you are loved.


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