Kingdom Secrets 14

What is faith? If I had to ask you to tell me what faith is, what would you say? I know many people, and I used to be one of them, who would quote a couple of Scriptures and that was it. But being able to quote Scripture does not mean you know what it means. In hard times they just tell you that you need to have “more faith,” or you must “just believe.” Have you ever experienced that or even prayed for more faith?

These things used to leave me terribly frustrated because I did not know what faith really is. What does it look like? How do I know if I have it? What does it feel like? Of course, feeling was totally taboo! Faith, like love, is not a feeling is something I heard over and over and that you must deny your feelings and keep them under. I have since learned that love is a feeling and faith only works when it is connected to the feeling of love. (For more on this look at the heartfelt prayer blogs).

In the parable of the farmer and his seed Jesus taught that the seeds are words. This is a parable that He used to teach His disciples about how his kingdom works. He likens Himself to the farmer and the Words that He speaks as seeds that He sows. You are the one in which He sows His seeds. These seeds contain within them the faith you require to bring forth a harvest which will bring abundance to you, in varying degrees of success.

The degree to which His Words produce life within you is SOLELY DEPENDENT UPON YOU!

In this entire teaching the emphasis is on YOU. Jesus is faithful. He continually speaks to you, whether it be though teachings, nature, or from within you, He is continually speaking – sowing His seeds – into you. What you do with them and how you react to them remains your decision. The degree to which you are willing to accept and honour His Voice within you is the degree to which His promises will be manifest in your life.

You need to ask yourself a very important question. It has nothing to do with anyone else, this is between you and the Lord and He is teaching you. He is patient, He is kind and very tolerant. He is not asking, nor expecting, you to get this right in a day or to be an overnight success. Learning to operate His Word in your life takes time. You need to know that and be at peace with Him as you learn. He is not concerned with your worldly performance or status, He is concern about the condition of your heart and how much of what He says to you, you take hold so that it might change you and bring you into Him and His kingdom.

The question is …

How much of what JESUS has said to you do you think is true?

For example:

Jesus says to you that He has forgiven you for ALL you sins, cleansed you from them and remembers them no more. (Heb 8:12)

In your thoughts and imagination, how true do you think this is? What thoughts challenge that statement, especially when you have sinned? Do feelings and thoughts of guilt or condemnation come against that truth and tell you otherwise? Which voice to you really think is more accurate – you are forgiven, or you are not really forgiven? Are you really cleansed from all sin or do you still feel and think of yourself as dirty? Do you think that God does remember your sins and deals with you according to your sin or not?

How you process the truth that is in Jesus verses the lies that are in the world determines the degree to which the Voice or Word of God works in your life. Faith is accepting that what Jesus said is true and then guarding what He has said against every other voice that opposes it. This process takes time and is can be challenging or difficult. However, as you learn to accept His Word as the truth concerning you, you will grow and ultimately see all the glory of His promises coming through in your life.

Have a prosperous day!


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