Kingdom Secrets 15

As we come to the end of our series on the farmer and his seed, I would like to encourage you to read Mark 4 and give it some time and attention. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you about this parable. He will help you identify when you are under attack and show you how to protect that which is within you so that you can bring it to maturity and manifestation in your life.

When the Lord comes and speaks to you, He has given you His Word. He is always faithful to that which He has spoken and will not change His mind concerning His plans and purposes for you. But, here’s the thing, once He has spoken it is up to you as to what you want to do about it. This means you have to take personal responsibility for what you have heard.

Your inner being, which is your spirit, your soul and your body, is the place where the things He has said to you need to be processed. Remember the parable is simply an illustration to give you an idea as to how this works. Just as a seed is not visible to the natural eye when it is sown into the ground, so is the Word that Jesus speaks to you. It is not something that is seen with the physical eye, it is seen and heard within you. Processing the Word within you is personal and private between you and Jesus.

Nurturing what Jesus has spoken to you takes place in the way you think and become conscious of what He has said. It involves engaging Him, talking to Him, asking questions, etc. His words are spiritual, and they give life to that which involves the world within you. Is is far more than just asking for something in prayer, it also involves a time of seeking, asking and knocking. Just like a natural seed needs soil, water, time (patience) and sunlight, you need to accept His word within you, think about it, be patient and spend time in His presence.

In this quick fix, immediate gratification, impatient world we find ourselves in, the above process is not something that the mind and body desires. Many times, people get disgruntled with God because He takes to long to answer prayer! I love you but snappy finger prayers do not cut it in the kingdom of our God!

Take some time to think about the following Scripture. Tomorrow I will share a simple way of how to get the Word to become active and fruitful within you.

Hebrews 8:12 For I will demonstrate my mercy to them (you) and will forgive their (your) evil deeds, and never remember again their (your) sins.

Have a fruitful day! 🍇


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  1. Thank you Yvonne it as if you are speaking to me through personally in your daily messages thank you.

  2. Yvonne, I have enjoyed and understood so much more by reading your God Enchantment. Thank you!!