Kingdom Secrets 16

Here is a simple process you can follow as you learn to process the words that Jesus has spoken to you and to bring them to maturity. And I want you to forget about the devil in this process. We are going to use Hebrews 8:12 as the word that Jesus has spoken to you as an example.

Jesus says to you that He has forgiven you for ALL you sins, cleansed you from them and remembers them no more. (Heb 8:12)

When you hear something from the Lord, receive it within you. Do not be negative towards what you have heard. Right now, the seed is in your hand and you need to determine what you are going to do with it. Take time to think about what He has said. It does not matter how long this takes you. Look at the words. Think about each one. Imagine them as a real thing concerning you.

When you can clearly see and hear the words within you it’s time to make a decision. Do you accept and believe, or do you reject and disbelieve? God will not make the decision for you. He has spoken and He will not change His mind. As far as He is concerned your sins have been forgiven and forgotten. You are clean and pure in His sight. If you are willing to accept and believe then keep reading, if not, Jesus still loves you and will bring you back to this point another time.

Now, believing and seeing yourself as completely forgiven and clean all the time requires faith! When you first do this, you will find there are many thoughts that will arise in your mind and tell you otherwise. And please, don’t go telling other people about what you are doing, they cannot see your heart and will be prone to judge and condemn you by what they see and think about you. You will commit some sins in the learning process! How are you going to learn about forgiveness if there is no sin for you to work on? 😊

When you do sin or are dealing with sins that you have committed, always bring your imagination of yourself as being clean and pure in God’s sight back into focus. Believe what He has said even when everything else is screaming at you. Get quiet, become thankful, give praise. Recite your verses before the King! Start acknowledging the truth before Jesus and to yourself. (Psalm 45:1) Remember, you are the one learning to see and behold the truth about who you are in Jesus. Jesus sees you quite clearly, quite perfect actually! The more you do this the clearer the truth will become to your own conscience.

Remember the cross and the blood. When you are struggling to bring your mind into the light of His Word, go back to the cross. Think about and imagine what Jesus went through to redeem you. Give Him glory and honour. Let your feelings get involved. He is a living Being and His Words are full of life. When you feel them you are connecting with Him. Bring your sin to the foot of the cross. Separate yourself from it and present it to Him there. Let Him cover your sin with His blood. See it disappear into a far away place where it will never be remembered. Allow the Lord to take you on a journey with Him in this place.

Guard this word with your life! Do not let any voice rise up against it to destroy it. These voices will come, you will be challenged, and you will be tempted to believe the lie. Practice this truth before Jesus every day. Keep at it until His Voice is louder and clearer than the voices that come to challenge it. Don’t get mad at the voices or thoughts that contradict the truth that is IN JESUS. When they come, and they will, close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus on the Lord and remember that all this was dealt with on Calvary. Jesus has set you free from all guilt and condemnation.

Over time you will find that you have grown and matured in the Lord. His Word will have developed within you and changed you. Others will begin to see the change in you. You will have started bearing fruit! 😊

I pray with great faith for you, because I am fully convinced that the Holy Spirit who has begun this glorious work in you will faithfully continue the process of maturing you and will put his finishing touches to it until the Lord Jesus Christ is unveiled in you!

You are a blessing!


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