Kingdom Secrets! 3

The SECRETS of the Kingdom of God HAVE been Given to YOU!

Not everyone is privileged enough to know the secrets of God. Imagine that! As His child you are privileged. You are invited to know and understand the mysteries and secrets of God.

So, what are the ‘secrets’ that God desires to share with you? What is it about His Kingdom that is so awesome and so powerful? His secrets are the knowledge of how He has created the heavens and the earth and how they operate or function together. There are universal laws, visible and invisible, that He put in motion and when you understand them and cooperate with them you will find life is incredibly wonderful!

(Remember to read this in conjunction with Mark 4:1-20)

The part that most people miss in understanding the kingdom of God and Heaven is that it is all about you understanding His forgiveness! Everything Jesus came to do was to bring you into the knowledge that GOD HAS FORGIVEN YOU! Forgiveness is the most essential part of your faith for if you have the idea that you are not forgiven you fall into the snares of this world and the word of God becomes unfruitful in your life.

I guarantee you that if you are having a problem in your relationship with God and struggle with the general things of life your problem is not sin, it is knowing you are forgiven! Did you get that!

Your problem is not sin, it is KNOWING THAT YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

The purpose of parables is to draw you into seeking and understanding the Lord. Many times, the Word is unproductive and uneventful because we do not take time apart with the Lord to find out what He means. His disciples ASKED Him in private what He meant, and He explained it. When you come to Him to learn He will open your eyes and your ears so that you can understand and comprehend what He is teaching


As we progress with the greatest secret Jesus revealed, please remember that first and foremost this is about you coming into the fulness of His forgiveness. His kingdom operates from the position that YOU ARE FORGIVEN. All the trouble that you face is because of the one truth that is above all others and that is …


Your success, or lack of success, as a believer is based upon the degree to which you turn your thoughts into God’s forgiveness, which is His great love for you. So relax, no one and nothing has any right to condemn you. The only one with that power is YOU!

I pray that this year you will come into the knowledge of the immeasurable love and forgiveness of God for you.

To be continued …

Lots of love


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  1. Ahhhh, can you believe it. Like literally now I was praying – well confesing to God that I misused a resource He availed to me and now I need Him to bail me out because if He doesn’t I have nowhere else to go for cover. I myself was surprised that my perception of God has transformed so much from Lord please forgive me I’m bad to Lord I just made a mistake and I’m sorry about it, please forgive me and help me out. All because I now understand that all my wrongs are forgiven and God delights in me running to Him every two seconds even with trivialities.

  2. Thanks a lot for the reminder !
    We know it but we forget the importance of this knowledge and the PRACTICAL IMPLICATION OF IT. . ( that we should forgive as well )