Kingdom Secrets! 4

Your problem is not committing sin, it is KNOWING THAT YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

Your solution is not being good, it is KNOWING THAT YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

I hope those statements really got your attention. I pray that your whole being gets flooded with the warmth and joy that comes from connecting with the Lord through the unfailing love He has for you.

As we continue with our parable the next thing to take not of is the farmer and his seed. Who is the farmer and what seed is he sowing? Then, how does the principle apply to you and your life?

Remember, Jesus said that if you do not understand THIS parable you would not understand anything related to the kingdom of God. Therefore, everything in your life with God hinges upon you understanding how He operates in your life with His Word. When it comes to you and the Lord, He is the farmer and His seed is His forgiveness.

Now, if you read the rest of the story with those two things in mind, that Jesus is the farmer and His WORDS, which produce forgiveness, are His seeds, a beautiful change will take place in your heart and mind. Like seed planted in a garden, the garden of your heart and soul will be filled with wonderful experiences with God as you establish your life upon His forgiveness.

So, if Jesus is the farmer and He is planting seed, where is the field in which He is sowing the seed? We know it is not in the natural world, although the natural world has an influence on its production. Scripture says that Jesus lives within your heart and that His kingdom is within you. In this context your heart would be a “physical or real” place in another realm – the kingdom of heaven – that exists, or is accessed, somewhere within you.

I am going to rename the word heart and call it conscience as I think this gives us a better understanding of where this “farming” is taking place. If you are not consciously aware of something there is very little you can do to change it. Jesus says He is the lover of your soul, your conscience, and this is very important to understand. It is in your conscious mind, connected to the emotions of your heart, that the Word of God has the power to transform you.

The kingdom of God, where Jesus sows His word, is a place within you. It is in YOU, not in Jesus! This is the ground in which He sows (speaks) His word. From out of the ground the seed sprouts and is seen or becomes visible. However, it is not visible in the natural world, it is “seen” in your conscience.  What happens in your conscience determines the outcome or production of the seed that was planted.

I encourage you to learn to identify the difference between your heart as the place where God dwells and your mind. If you can identify these as two separate places it will make understanding how God works in your life much easier.

To be continued …

Mark 4:1-20

Have a blessed day!


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