Kingdom Secrets! 7

May the wonder and the glory and the power of your forgiveness of sin through the blood of Jesus become the most powerful revelation of your life!

Are you aware that the degree to which Jesus is able to live in you and demonstrate Himself to you is entirely based upon the degree to which you believe you are forgiven? Before we continue with our journey with the farmer and his seed, I think it’s time to talk about sin and forgiveness.

What is sin? Sin is anything that falls short of the righteous and holy standard that God is. God is absolutely holy, entirely righteous and absolutely without any fault or failure. He revealed His standard of holiness through the law that He revealed to Moses. The LAW, revealed by God through Moses is holy, it is righteous, but it is totally unable to bring you into perfect righteousness and communion with God. In fact, it alienates you from God.

Please note: The Law does not alienate God from you, it alienates YOU from God.

The Law reveals sin. It tells people what sin is from God’s perspective and that if you want to be perfect before God then you have to keep every single Law and never break one of them. If you do, then you have failed and are without hope of ever being righteous before God. In fact, if you want to use the Law to justify yourself you will come under its judgement, which is death.  The Law of Moses is called The Law of Sin and Death!

Have you ever asked why it is that you feel guilty and condemned before God when you sin? So many Christians live in this horrible place of feeling condemned and unacceptable to God because of their faults and failures, or sins. This happens because we are more sin conscious than we are God conscious.

1 Corinthians 15:56 reveals that the Law, which came through Moses, is the POWER OF SIN. I want you to notice that it is NOT the power of God, it is the power of sin! In your mind and your thoughts please separate the two. If you don’t then the sting of death, being eternally guilty and condemnation, will dominate your life and relationship with the Lord.

Romans 8:2 reveals that there are two laws at work in your life – your inner life – the one where you live with God in your heart and mind. One is the Law of the Spirit of life; the other is the law of sin and death. As a child of God, you are no longer subject to the domination of the law of sin and death – even though you may commit a sin! The Law of Moses is the law that judges those that are under it. you are not under that law, you are under the LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE.

Knowing and understanding what law is applicable to you will make all the difference to how you walk with the Lord and how you interact with Him. As a new creation in Christ Jesus you belong to Him and you fall under His LORDSHIP – or HIS LAW!

When you are under Christ’s law you are free from sin and death. You are forgiven, cleansed, made holy and righteous, once and for all. When you understand who you are and where you are positioned you come under His Lordship and His grace teaches you how to deal with sin and rule over it. His grace brings you out of the identity you have with the law of sin and death and into your identity as a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS.

The law of the Spirit of Life is a great and wonderful law to be under, but you have to accept that you have been forgiven and that God is not judging you with a view of punishing you for your faults and failures. You are IN Him. Imagine God punishing Himself because you made a mistake!

As we continue please accept by faith that through the blood of Jesus you have been forgiven. Forgiven means you are not eligible for punishment. Without this understanding you will struggle to go deeper into a love relationship with the Lord and Satan will continually be able to steal the Word of Life from you, effectively preventing you from fulfilling your destiny in Christ.

I love you and appreciate you and your love for Jesus Christ.




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