Kingdom Secrets! 9

Remember, your battle with Satan and the affairs of this life are not about sin but about faith.

Whenever you hear the Word of God there is a release of faith, which our parable calls a seed, that enters your being – heart, thoughts, emotions, etc.

This faith is terrifying to Satan and under no circumstances can he afford for you to rise up in that faith and become active with it. When you do, the light and power of who you are as a son or daughter of God is released and it destroys something in the kingdom of darkness. When God said, “let your light shine” He meant it! There is nothing the kingdom of darkness can do when you release your faith in God.

Also note that it is not God’s fight against Satan or the world, it is yours. Jesus came as God’s Son and defeated the world. YOU are now His son or daughter with the same power and majesty, light and love, within you. Your spirit is now one with the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus was. There is nothing weak or flimsy about you, however, if Satan can get you to believe that you are weak and flimsy, he has defeated you.

BUT your God is a jealous God and He is still for you. He does not get mad at you, He gets mad at the one who touched you. (Demons not people!)

You are a very dangerous and very powerful being!

AND you belong to the Most Powerful and Dangerous Being in and out of the universe!

So, chin up, chest out, breathe in, breathe out and let’s get going! 😊

There are other circumstances that Satan uses against you which do not come packaged in pain, heartache and poverty. They look beautiful and are highly prized by the world, and sadly by much of the Church. Even so, Jesus is still Lord of His Church and Lord over you. He is with you and His goal is to teach you how to use His grace to overcome the world.

Some of the most dangerous temptations we face in life are not the “sins” we so easily identify, it’s the ones that are unseen and often unheard. They lie deep within the desires of the soul and when activated become deadly to your faith in God.

God identifies these attacks as worry, wealth, and other desires.

We worry about so many things. We worry about the news media’s reports regarding our nation and get all riled up. We worry about our spouse or lover, our children, and others. Worry is simply an internal engagement in the thoughts with some or other negative or destructive outcome.

Worrying is an acceptable thing in society. If you do not worry or “care” about the troubles of this world you get labelled as ungodly. However, worry is an ungodly activity that will destroy your faith or your capacity to believe God. Worry is an engagement with the kingdom of hopelessness.

To protect your faith and overcome the attack you need to learn thankfulness and praise. Thankfulness reminds you of the good things God has done and praise brings you into the future of the good things God has made available to you. You cannot worry and offer praise at the same time. Praise brings your being in line with the kingdom of heaven, which is where you want to be.

After all, your life is eternal, and all that matters in this life is that which has an eternal consequence. Always keep eternity in mind in whatever you do. Every test and trial you face is simply there to teach you and to train you in righteousness because you have been destined to rule and reign eternally. And earth is where you get to learn!

Till tomorrow …

Have a worry free day! 😊


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  1. If Jesus is not in it, it is not important!
    If Jesus is in it, it is eternal!

    Do not trust anybody whose birthday is on the same day they were born, only trust the ONE whose “birthday” is not on the same day He was born!

    I found that comments like these often lead to Kingdom conversations!