Let’s Breakthrough!

Do you have a difficult circumstance in which you need a breakthrough? Have you ever cried out to God for a breakthrough? Have you ever had or heard a word from the pulpit or a minister promising you a breakthrough, and yet, in spite of all your hoping and praying nothing has happened?

I found myself in a situation like this one time. It was difficult and painful. It also seemed to be an endless struggle and I often despaired that I would never see an end to my problem. I prayed a lot, I cried a lot. I got angry. I was frustrated. I was confused and did not understand why my prayers seemed to remain so unanswered.

Then, one evening in prayer, again crying for my breakthrough, the Lord asked me a question, “What do you mean by “breakthrough?” It shocked me out of my pity party, my tears instantly dried up and it felt like my breath had been sucked out of me. His voice was calm and gentle, but shocked me none the less. I thought about it for quite a while as I had no immediate answer. I had never considered what the word ‘breakthrough’ actually meant.

After some time, I came to a conclusion, which was simply that ‘breakthrough’ means that God is going to burst forth onto the scene and magically make the problem disappear. And I was frustrated and disappointed because He had not made my problem disappear! I was now quite uncomfortable with the ‘revelation’ inside me and knew that I was about to get an education in breakthrough’s.

The word “breakthrough” is a military term used by armies that are going on the offensive to break down the enemy’s defences. It is an act of moving through or beyond an obstacle. It also means a sudden advance in knowledge or technology. In short it is a very decisive action that needs to be taken against an enemy. In my definition of breakthrough, it was God’s responsibility to do this for me. However, this is contrary to God’s instructions and therefore it was not working for me.

I had to repent and become willing to stand up and personally advance against my enemy. Jesus came and destroyed ALL the works of the devil through His death and resurrection. On His return from the Father Jesus gave the authority to deal with the devil and all forms of evil over to us. Through His resurrection He elevated us to a position that is high above any and all demonic forces and every circumstance that raises its ugly head (authority) over us. He recreated us as beings of light, and all darkness is afraid of light, and imparted His greatest gift to us, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is given to us as a Helper, not as the doer! We are the ones that have been called to “DO” the breakthrough. We do the work, He helps us when we are weak, not by doing it for us but by encouraging and teaching us how to do it. It’s the same as a parent teaching a child maths. You can instruct, show, repeat the instruction again and again, but you cannot learn the maths for them. They have to learn, and they do this by repetition. The Holy Spirit is the same. He will teach, instruct, show, encourage and help you over and over but you have to get up and actually DO the work of breaking through the ranks of the enemy that have raised themselves up against you.

I want to use money as an example because I have so often heard “prophetic words” that God is about to give you a financial breakthrough (especially if you give something) and you are going to be abundantly blessed. (I have fallen for this ideology in the past too.) Then you wait, and wait, and wait, and nothing! Why? Because we have this idea that somehow God is going to miraculously make money appear! Beloved, it does not work like this. God gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that we can go and do something productive with our lives.

Now, before you get discouraged and think that I do not believe in miracles or sudden changes, I do. I have had and seen financial “miracles” in my life but most of them involved a word of knowledge where we just knew what to do. When we acted on God’s instruction the miracle took place. But for the most part financial breakthrough, which means having enough money to be able to give comfortably because you have a surplus, is going to come through learning and applying the laws of finance over a protracted period of time.

I’d like you to take some time and think about a circumstance or situation that is currently stressing you out and where you need to get an answer from God. What are your deep and intimate thoughts about it. Are you waiting for God to do something? If so, what are you expecting Him to do? Be honest. In your heart, are you expecting God to make your problem go away or are you seeking Him for wisdom and understanding so that you can deal with the situation you are facing?

To be continued …

Remember to rejoice in the Lord, always 😊





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