Life After a Fall!

My prayer for you today is that the bliss of divine grace and supernatural peace that flows from God our wonderful Father, and our anointed Messiah, the Lord Jesus, be upon your life. (Philippians 1)

Have you ever had a fall, whether great or small, and felt like your world has come to an end? Have you noticed that regardless of your fall, life continued? There is always life after a fall.

Having a fall in some or other area in your life is part of living in this world. The beauty of life in Christ is that no matter how you fall, His divine grace and supernatural peace flows out from His heart to you. God’s divine grace has so may blessings attached to it that no circumstance has the power to defeat you.

When you have a fall, God is not coming to beat you up, He comes with the blessings of His divine grace which encourages you in your relationship with Him. He picks you up, dusts you off, raises you up and sets you back on your feet, clothes you with righteousness, crowns you with life, and seats you back on His throne with Him.

He fills you up with His comforting love till you are overflowing with joy and draws you into experiencing a deepening friendship with the Holy Spirit, to where you feel His tender affection and mercy in your heart and soul.

The Holy Spirit, who began the glorious work of God’s divine grace in you, will faithfully continue the process of maturing you and will put His finishing touches to it until you come to the place where Jesus Christ your Lord is unveiled in you. You have a permanent place in His heart and He dearly loves you with tender affection.

All you need to do is turn your affection towards Him and allow His blessings of divine grace and supernatural peace flow towards you. It is not a work that you do towards Him, it is a position of acceptance. It is a place (or attitude) in your mind where you accept His love, and mercy, forgiveness and grace. You do not need to explain yourself, He knows you, but rather to be still and allow Him to explain how much He loves you to you.

Remember, the word blessing in God’s vocabulary is to be intoxicatingly happy and in a state of blissful awe. His divine grace and supernatural peace that flows from Him towards you will put you into this state. This is the work of the Holy Spirit in you and the true state of those who are mature in Him. Coming into the fulness of God’s divine grace and supernatural peace is a learned process and requires practice, but I encourage you to learn how to do it.

Be blissful! 😋😂🤣😍





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