Life’s Ocean Dunks!

Have you ever been dunked by a wave in the ocean? They happen so suddenly, knock you off your feet, smash you into the sand, toss you around like a ball, and then dump you on the shore for everyone to behold! You come up sputtering, embarrassed, and full of sand as you try to regain your feet and your composure.

Being dunked by the ocean is one thing, but being dunked by life is quite another. Have you ever felt like the waves of life are crashing over you and no matter how much you try to regain a semblance of normality, you keep finding yourself being dunked again by your thoughts and circumstances? I wonder if Jesus ever swam in the ocean and got dunked by a wave? I do know, however, that the waves of life washed over Him just like they do you and me. 😊

The past week or so was “a dunking” for me. I knew that changes were coming and I had started thinking about how to implement them next year. However, while trying to work these things out in my mind, a wave slapped me and down I went. Suddenly next year became TODAY and I was not ready for it. My first step was to keep my composure and make an immediate temporary plan. I got my breath back!

Then, on route to the office, I began speaking to the Lord, which went something like, “Okay Lord, what’s the plan?” Within seconds I saw exactly what to do and a joy began filling my heart. Sure, the solution came with a greater financial element than I had hoped for, (with birthdays, a 21st and a wedding), but a few days later (after doing my bookkeeping and paying whoever needed to be paid) I had more available than I had expected. I still am amazed at how finance just came, long before the “wave dunked me.”

And sometimes the Lord just lets you get “dunked” because it’s time for change. But for whatever reason, get up and rejoice. Be happy, life goes on and God is still in control – even if He had a good laugh at the expense of you getting dunked. 😊

His promises stay true, the waves may roll, but they cannot prevail!

Scripture References: Psalm 89:9; Jeremiah 5:22

Have a wonder-filled day 😊





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