Lion of Judah!

I want to share this beautiful experience from our sister Tammy Uys with you. I hope it encourages you, strengthens you, and helps you arise and join in the wonderful things our Father is up too!

Sunday the 15th of March 2020

As I was in prayer over the terrible situation of the world with the corona virus, I was taken up and brought to the throne room.

I stood in front of the throne and saw multitudes of people going through a gate, it looked like a video of revelations- every tribe tongue and nation. People were crying and sick people were laying there as well. There was a terrible atmosphere around them.

Suddenly I turned as I felt a familiar frequency and saw the Lion of Judah standing in the other side. He was huge and majestic and continued to look at me with his beautiful blue eyes.
I felt that there was a special assignment awaiting me. As I thought that, I saw that he was getting ready to roar and when he did, it was such a loud sound that it hit me like a shock wave.
But it was a positive wave and I knew that this was a sound of Hope.

He nodded as He always knows my thoughts and continued to roar. I then felt that I was taken up in that frequency and started to move with this roar.
I asked him: Where am I going?
He spoke to my heart: I am bringing you to the mountain of Hope!

As He had said this, I stood on the top of a mountain and it reminded me of the beginning scene of the sound of music- It was beautiful, a wide grassy area with lots of lowers and longish grass.
It smelt incredible: Sweet and rich and so powerful, that it infused my whole body with joy and hope. As I stood there I suddenly was aware what I had to do: There were lots of seeds clinging to the grass and the flowers, and I started walking through the grass with my fingers spread and let the seeds cling to me. They somehow also filled me inside and it was the most incredible feeling.
I was physically filled with Hope!! When it seemed that there was no more capacity in myself,  I received bags and bags and filled them continually. Then I awaited further instructions.

The Lion of Judah had stretched out on one side of the mountain platform and seemed to rest. When I approached Him, He opened his eyes and said: “Well done my girl! Now what I want you to do, is to listen to my sound and then join me in releasing it. When we are in unity of sound, you will release the seeds of Hope into the earth.” He then once again roared, and I picked up the frequency and the sound and joined him. It was an amazing experiencing. While we released this sound together, the seeds I had collected were taken up into the stream of the roar and I could see them moving over all the earth.

Then he said: Now I want you to declare what I will put into your heart. I then started to release the following declaration which bubbled up in my spirit: “I declare that Yahweh has now activated the beacons of Hope, which are the sons of God in the earth.  This activation has happened through the release of the one sound and now the seeds of Hope are dispersed through His breath.
I declare and decree, that this sound of Hope is than echoed through the beacons of Hope all over the earth.” When I had released this declaration, I could see this words becoming reality:
All over the globe I could see beacons like tiny towers being raised, they had a red glow around them, and they were too many for me to count. When the Sound which carried the seeds of Hope reached these beacons, they increased their frequency and very strong waves of Hope were released.

But then the most wondrous thing happened:

As one beacon picked up the sound, it echoed it and it resonated to the next and the next and all of them started to echo the original sound of the Lion of Judah. Through this, the purity of the sound was preserved and nothing human was penetrating the true sound of Hope. This process went on and on while I looked, and it filled me with such joy, that the Sons of God were being activated and filled with this sound of Hope to release it throughout the world. The Love of Yahweh for his creation was so strong and filled me in such an awesome way, that the only thing I could do is to lay flat on the floor between the paws of the Lion and worship him. Then he blew on me and said, now you go and continue to be that beacon of Hope on the earth.

With this I was back in my room and was so filled with his Love and Hope, that I just cried and cried as all this was so amazing and wonderous.

I know that this will happen in the earth!


Thanks for sharing Tammy! We love and honour you. 💞

Be strong and courageous as you continue in your journey with the Lord. I am praying with you and will keep encouraging you as we walk through the current “shadow of the valley of death.” Fear no evil, you walk with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! He is with you and for you, will keep you and comfort you, and will bring you safely into His heavenly kingdom.

Lots of love


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  1. Amazing experience. Hope. Surely if there is no hope, there is nothing our faith could work on.