Living in a Bubble!

Living in the love of God is like living in a bubble!

I have so often joked about living my life in a bubble but that’s exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Someone defined a person living in a bubble as someone who has another world centered around theirs. The love of God is another world, a world called heaven, and we are its center!

What a bubble to be living in! 💖

In Ephesians 4:30 we are told that we have been sealed in Him by the Holy Spirit. You are literally wrapped up in the Lord. You have been bubbled!

The Holy Spirit of God has sealed you in Jesus Christ until you experience your full salvation. (TPT)

Now if you are “bubbled” in the love of God, being sealed in it by the Holy Spirit, who do you think will be able to burst your bubble? Before they, or it, could do so they would have to get in through the outer edge of your bubble, which is beyond the known universe. That would rule out everyone and everything that has ever been created, including the Devil and his minions.

In short there is no safer place in heaven or on earth or in the universe than in the bubble of the Lord’s love for you.

Time to float around in your bubble!





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  1. I’ve been saying it all along that the lord Jesus bubble wraps us and that we should operate in this bubble!!
    We will feel the presence of the Trinity with us and that makes us fearless!!