Locked Doors!

Have you ever had a “moment” in your life where you are trying to do something, and it just isn’t working. Then it dawns on you that you’re being the fool? I had one such moment this morning.

I had unlocked the security gate to my “rooffice” (room/office) and then pushed down the door handle to the door but it would not open. I pushed hard against it, but it would not open. Suddenly it dawned on me that the door is still locked. And Holy Spirit took the opportunity to have His say! 😊

The Scripture that He spoke to me was where Jesus told Peter that He had given him the keys to the kingdom. He continued as I opened the kitchen door. Keys are used to unlock doors. The Holy Spirit continued …

“There are doors in heaven that require keys to unlock them. Many times, you come to a door that simply won’t open because you have not used the key to unlock it. Often my children come to me to open a door for them, but they are the ones with the key, not Me. I gave them the key so that they could go and unlock the door and experience the wonder of what is behind the door.”

I want to use this in connection with another passage that many of us know really well. Jesus said that whatsoever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Now change the words loose and bind to lock and unlock. then it reads as follows, whatever you unlock on earth is unlocked in heaven and whatever you lock on earth is locked in heaven. Notice that the ability and responsibility of locking and unlocking doors lies with you and not with the Lord.

Jesus has given you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. These keys, which are the words He has spoken to you, open the heavens for you when you act on them. Everything you need for life and godliness – that is in this world, in this time, and in this age – is found in YOUR knowledge of Him. It is what YOU know about Jesus personally, that which you have experienced and shared with Him, that opens the mysteries of heaven and the glories of God to you. When you live in this place, your natural needs just take care of themselves.

Jesus promised that if you seek His kingdom above all else, you would lack for nothing. Seeking Him is about taking the keys, the things He has revealed to you personally, and finding the doors that those keys fit into. This is called having fun with Jesus. It’s about being child-like and hunting for more of Him.

I pray that this weekend is filled with the wonder and “magic” of heaven.





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