Love Diary!

Do you know that the Lord keeps a diary concerning you?

Yes, it’s true, He records every wonderful, loving moment you spend with Him in His “love diary.” These are the moments that He treasures and places in His book of remembrance. He thrives on the loving experiences you have with Him.

It takes time to become conscious of the Lord and to engage in fellowship with Him. As you sit at His feet in worship, read Scriptures and talk to Him about them, and pray in the spirit, your intimacy with Him grows. The more time you spend doing this the closer you become, and the more alive the visions of Him and heaven become within you.

Leave the battles of this world and enter His holy sanctuary, deep within your heart, for a time of rest and refreshing. Learn of Him, after all, He is the One you will be spending eternity with, and at the end of all the wars and struggles of life, the only thing He wants to remember is all the love that you have shared together.

As the days blur into one another it is so easy to become too busy to be with the One who loves us so. His heart yearns for us and His home is empty without us. It is easy for Him to become a fleeting thought, like a bat out of a cave, just to vanish into the night.

Yet, He never leaves His home in our hearts, and it is possible to hustle and bustle about with the things of life, with Him constantly being at your side, speaking to you, sharing with you, comforting and helping you. You can have a wonderful, warm, enchanting, heaven on earth, life with Him all the time. And time is all you need to learn to live in His glory.

When you finally get to meet Him face to face I pray that your diary with Him will be full of the wonderful and intimate experiences you have had together.

Have a wonderful day!





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