Mercy Triumphs!

I awoke to the words, “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” I know this Scripture well and use it often but then, suddenly, the Lord awakened my attention to the word judgment.

This little word judgment carries such a heavy burden with it. For many saints this word conjures up images of an angry God out to get vengeance, but nothing is further from the truth. God is not out to avenge His so-called righteous anger out upon the world. Quite the contrary. God is pouring out unprecedented mercy which triumphs over judgment. (Jam 2:13)

The word judgment here means crisis, not punishment. In times of crisis God’s mercy escalates! Mercy is God’s compassion and forgiveness. A crisis in your life means an outpouring of mercy coming your way from the kingdom of heaven.

Remember, God presents you before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy. (Jud 1:24-25)

Crisis arises through the onslaughts of the wicked one and the lawlessness of evil men (and women) who delight in death and darkness. And God allows crisis to come so that He can release a greater measure of His mercy.

Where sin abounds, the grace or mercy of God super abounds. That means there is more grace and mercy coming forth from God than there is sin. Satan, who loves finding fault with you and constantly shouts and whispers accusations of guilt, shame, and condemnation at you, hates mercy because mercy causes you to triumph over him. When you know and live by the Voice of mercy the constant harassment from the voice of the accuser as to shut up. (Rom 5:20)

The beauty is that you never even have to address the devil. You don’t have to bind him, curse him, pray against him, or do any other form of warfare against him. In fact, the less attention you give him the more he suffers. The only way you get to bind the devil – which means silencing his accusations against you – is to focus on the one who is in heaven and to give Him praise. The more you grow in your love for the Lord the less you fear the works of the devil.

In times of crisis praise and laughter are your greatest weapons. Praise is a demonstration of your faith towards God and laughter comes from being in His presence. Now, as we head further into the worlds crisis you will need to stand up in your faith through your time spent in fellowship with the Lord. There will be plenty of opportunities to fear, to doubt, to become depressed or dismayed. Crisis has come upon the whole world but remember, where there is great crisis there is a superabundant supply of mercy.

Rest in God’s mercy towards you. Challenge every thought that opposes God’s goodness and love towards you through praising the Lord. Remember His covenant with you. He is not the one who forgets, you do, and it is important that you make sure you remember Jesus and the promise of eternal life that He has given you.

He who wins the war against the Accuser within them gains victory over the world and great reward from the Father. Let mercy be the foundation upon which you live your life and then nothing in this world will have power over you.

But you, my delightfully loved friend, constantly and progressively build yourself up on the foundation of your most holy faith by praying every moment in the Spirit. Fasten your heart to the love of God and receive the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives you eternal life. (Jud 1:20-21)

Love always 💛


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