Most Joyful Day!

Have you ever considered how joyful and miraculous the wonderful day we call Christmas really is? I want you to journey with me back in time, to the beginning.

Scripture tells us that Jesus was crucified before the world began, therefore, His birth was also planned before the world began. Now we know that Jesus is God and He is eternal, which means He planned His own birth. He knew the day and the hour in which He would enter into His creation. Stop and think about that. God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – planned the creation of the earth and the rest of the universe, together with everything in it as well as how He Himself would enter into it.

No one, no animal, insect, fish, etc., is able to enter this world unless it is through some or other birthing process. How miraculous is that. No human being – spirit, soul and body – can enter this universe unless they come through the womb of a woman. In our modern world of words – portals and wormholes – you could liken the womb to a portal that opens and the process of being formed in the womb to the point of birth as a wormhole. (The Bible uses the words gates, doors, pathways etc.)

When Mary conceived the Spirit of God, Jesus Christ entered the doorway to the earth. In her womb, He underwent the process of the formation of His body and soul which would enable Him to operate as a man (human being) on the earth. When this process was complete, Mary gave birth and Jesus the Messiah, God in the flesh, entered into the creation of time, space and matter.

Imagine witnessing this event from heaven. How did the angels and all the heavenly host feel when they saw Him in His physical form? How did God feel? What was this like for Him to actually experience what He had created? Heaven was ablaze with excitement and angels appeared to shepherds telling them that the most joyous event the world had even known had just taken place! It freaked the shepherds out completely!

But what is it that they were celebrating? They were ecstatic because they knew He was the Saviour to the world and that He would save the world through the forgiveness of sin. His life and coming death would forever change eternity. This was a momentous day, not just on earth, but in the heaven of heavens and eternity itself.

God saw us through the eyes of grace and He came to set us free from the power of sin and death so that we could boldly worship Him with holy lives and purity in His presence forever. His life on earth was a mystery, a mystery that had been hidden for ages but was about to bring together a new beginning, a new birth that would culminate through His death and resurrection.

His birth into this was the door and the earth the womb through which a new creation would be born. No one can enter heaven unless it is through Jesus Christ, for He is now the door through which we are birthed into our eternal dwelling place as the fully manifest sons and daughters of God.

What a glory, what majesty, what a glorious hope that we have to look forward to. Your life is not in vain. You were born with a purpose which is the choice to accept Jesus as your Saviour and then to live your life in honour to God and finally to enter into the wonder and the majesty of all that God has in store for you throughout eternity.

As you celebrate this day, kindly take some time and ask the Holy Spirit to share some of the majesty and mystery of this glorious day with you. May the remembrance of this amazing event fill your heart and soul with an abundance of peace and joyful emotion.

Merry Christmas 🎄🎄


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  1. Lovely insight you are sharing with us. May He continue revealing Himself through you.

    Much love

    1. Thank you Nomakhosi! I believe the Lord will do some amazing things with us all next year and I am looking forward to sharing with you 🙂 Have a blessed New Year!