My Crazy Mind

Have you ever noticed the crazy conversations that take place in your head? Have you ever caught yourself thinking about and imagining stuff and then suddenly come to your senses shocked at what you are thinking? What really goes on in your mind anyway? Is it real and does it have any bearing on your life?

The truth is there is a lot more going on in your mind and the inside of you than what is going on in the world around you that you connect to with your senses.

Your inner world of words, thoughts, imaginations, feelings, desires, etc., is far more complex and active, and everything else around you is directly related to and affected by what goes on inside you. Very few people know what is going on in that world inside your head. People see your expressions and they hear your words, yet neither your expression or words always portray the truth in how you feel and think.

We often get mad at others because they “don’t care” about how we feel and think. And they DON’T! Why? Because they are too busy with their own crazy stuff inside them. They have their own problems, their own needs, and their own desires, just like you. Be honest, how much time do you really spend solving the needs of others? Can you solve all their needs? NO. Not one of us have the means nor the capacity to solve other people’s problems. The best we can do is offer some assistance, take some time to listen and encourage and give, but after that we need to leave and they need to get on with their lives.

There is only one person that can solve the problems and meet the needs you have. His name is Jesus. He is the only One that truly knows what is going on inside you and what you really need. This is often (most of the time, really) not more money, or healing, or physical love, but knowledge of who He is and who you are. It is all about you and your relationship with Him.

When we are motivated by our flesh (the things of this world) we only pursue the things that benefit us. When our minds are set on the things that we need and want we will be focusing on that which is death. This results in us being moody, unhappy, and frustrated with our lives and those in it. In short, we are deliberately choosing death and getting it.

However, when you set your mind to pursue spiritual realities though the motivation and impulses of the Holy Spirit you will find life and peace. With life and peace in God comes healing, finances, love and all sorts of other wonderful things.

Scripture Reference: Romans 8:5-7

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