My Developer

You have been given a personal Developer and you are His eternal project! 😊

Don’t you think it’s exciting to be the Lord’s project? We have learned that God formed Adam from the dust of the earth. He did not snap His fingers and “poof” Adam appeared. I think He did that with the animals because He spoke, and they were, yet Adam was different. Adam was special. Adam was unique. Adam was light. Adam had God’s breath, His voice, His Spirit. Adam was clothed in a body of light. A new creation, a Living Being!

Today you are a new project given by the Father to the Holy Spirit to do in you the same work that He did in Jesus. Jesus came to earth as a man but by the time the Holy Spirit had finished His work with Jesus, Jesus was a New Creation. He was fully formed and fashioned as a resurrected being and Jesus became a Life-Giving Spirit. He no longer looks like He did when He walked the earth. Today He shines brighter than the sun, His eyes are indescribable as are His feet and limbs. Even His voice is different.

Finished! The New Creation was finished! He was alive! He rose from the dead! He sits at the Father’s side and rules over all!


You! You’re next.

You are now being developed through the transforming power of the Developer, the Holy Spirit, into the same Life-Giving Spirit that Jesus is. When the Developer is finished with you, all of you will look just like Jesus. Today our bodies and our minds are still being changed, but as they change and come into the same thought patterns as Jesus, we become just like Him. When all is said and done we will all be raised from the dead and have a fully formed and fashioned body, developed for our eternal glory and function.

You do not have to wait till you die to experience the joy and fulness of all that is to come. You have access to everything that is yours in heaven right now. As you grow in your relationship with your Developer He will bowl you over with His goodness. He will light up your mind with the things that are coming, which I promise you, will be filled with much joy and exhilaration.

Your future is great, filled with promise and great expectation. There is an indescribable great life waiting for you. Can you imagine what it might be? Why not take some time and think about it?

Enjoy your Developer’s presence today! 😊





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