My Son!

I have a son, Adrian, who is the joy and the delight of my life. He always has been and I adore him. He is my champion, my hero, my pride and joy. (Okay, Dave and my girls are just as wonderful but it’s all about Ad today). And this is all about how we so often relate to our heavenly Father as His children.

I have no doubt that Ad loves me and has confidence in me. Whenever he is in need, whether it’s money, friend, sounding board, doctor, etc., he knows mom is always there for him and her credit card is available in times of need. He knows he can pick up the phone and I will be there for him and will be willing to help him even though he is now a successful 25-year-old and able to support himself.

The reverse is not always true though. There are skills that he has today that are of great advantage and help to me in what I do, yet finding the willingness to help me is another story altogether. I get met with, mom I am too busy, I can’t, not now, go google it, pay someone, I love you mom BUT …

Now before you criticize my son, think about how often you have turned away the request of your DAD when He has asked you not to fear, to spend time with Him, to disengage from the world, to trust Him, to give, to love, to forgive, and you respond with I love you Lord BUT …

And I really wanted to get finished with the God Enchantment website. I could not get hold of Marc (my willing assistant) and had only Ad to go to. My love and adoration, patience and kindness for Ad did not change, but my method did. I reminded him of all the things I do for him and that I am always available and I am now DEMANDING payment, which will be in TIME and EXPERTISE! It worked and as a result the website went live!

Can I encourage you not to wait until the Lord needs to take a firmer stance with you to get your attention and help when it comes to His kingdom and His needs? You are a key factor in the plans and purposes He has for the establishment of His kingdom on earth. As much as He is a DAD that is always willing to help you in your times of need, how about being willing to help Him in His time of need.

He needs you!



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  1. Thanks for the message. Although I know that our Father loves us I never thought of him needing me or me availing myself for him to use me as a vessel. I ask for what I need and give thanks for all he does for me but if it takes longer than I expected I get blinded with impatience and anger for no apparent reason

  2. Hi Figgy

    He needs you. You are part of His great plan and a piece of the mystery of heaven. Jesus operates in and through you to the world around you. That’s how precious you are.