New Day Dawning!

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”? Well, it’s true!

One morning I sat outside on the deck under the stars, watching the waves and drinking coffee. There was a cold gentle breeze blowing but I did not care. Out there in the presence of the Lord it was just overwhelming. The moonlight caused the wave to be luminescent, the stars were bright, and even the milky way seemed to be singing its song.

I sat staring into the heavens working out which star is which, and which way is Orion facing. I finally figured out the different stars and their names – thank the Lord for cell phones J.

When I finally looked back at the waves they had disappeared. The first thought I had was that it had suddenly gotten so dark. Enter Jesus! He asked me whether I had ever noticed that it gets darker just before the dawn comes. Honestly, I had heard the expression but never experienced it till this morning. It had also gotten colder.

As I chatted with the Lord I looked to the east and there was a slight change in the colour of the sky. The darkness began fading and as the dawn approached it became brighter and brighter until the night had totally disappeared.

It is the same in life. Sometimes you may be standing in faith on the promises of God, and even though it is a night season you can see your way and you know the day is drawing closer. Then, out of the blue it just goes dark. Things get worse instead of better and the promise seems to disappear. But hold on, don’t stop believing just because things appear worse, it won’t be long before the Son starts arising in your heart and eventually the full measure of His promises will come blazing through.

Have a bright day! 🌞





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