No Punishment!

1 John 4:18 Love never brings fear, for fear is always related to punishment. But love’s perfection drives the fear of punishment far from our hearts. Whoever walks constantly afraid of punishment has not reached love’s perfection. Our love for others is our grateful response to the love God first demonstrated to us. (TPT)

In life there will be many different fears that will confront you. The fear of failure, fear of the future, fear of others, fear of sickness and disease, fear of financial lack, fear of being rejected, and the list goes on. Whatever fear has a hold on you also comes with torment. Torment will cause you pain in your mind, your emotions and your body. When you are in a place of fear and torment you will also find yourself negative and focused on your problem and not on the Lord. The only solution to fear of any kind is perfect love.

Your Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are perfect love. When you begin to engage in a love relationship with them in your conscience or imagination, fear will have no place to torment you and it will be easy to cast out. When you begin connecting with the love of God in your heart, through your imagination, it will drive all and any fear far from your heart. As fear leaves faith arises and life becomes a pleasure.

As I meditated on this scripture I thought about rejection. Many people suffer from being rejected and this inevitably keeps them from performing their best and even from doing the things that they would like to do. Rejection is a terrible form of torment. Fear is a demonic spirit that comes from the realm of darkness. Notice that this is a spirit that interacts with you in your thoughts and emotions on the inside of you. It is from within you that it needs to be driven out. And it is driven out through your interaction with the unconditional love that God has for you. He is perfect love and when your thoughts and emotions are continually engaged with His love, fear gets tormented and flees.

Your problem is not the fear that you are being tormented by, but rather that you do not understand how great God’s love is for you. Fear’s greatest torment is having you believe God is punishing you because you are not perfect. Fear is not cast out because you are perfect but because you live in the glorious presence of God’s amazing love, where He sees you as perfect!

When you know, through real experiences on the inside of you, that the Lord loves you regardless of your fears and failures, it will raise you up to a place in Him where you will begin to overcome in every circumstance. As a believer you will face many opportunities to fear, but in every case, love will overcome the enemy of your soul.

Examine your heart and see where you feel there is an area of failure or fear and then bring it into the presence of God’s love. Give the Lord thanks for blessing you with every good thing, for meeting all your needs. If you are having a difficult time with someone, bring them into His presence with you and ask the Lord to give you revelation on how to love them, even though they are hurting you. Pray for your enemies. Do an act of kindness towards someone. Focus on the love of God and not your situation.

When you have your next quiet time, read the following Scriptures and replace the word fear with love and see how amazing they are! 💖

1 Jn 4:18; Ps 19; Ps 25:14; Ps 27:1-3; Ps 31:19; Ps 33:18; Pr 19:23; Pr 22:4; Pr 29:5;

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  1. What a word, im so much blessed this morning, thank you keep up the work.