On Top of the World!

“I’m on top of the world, looking down on creation, and the only explanation I can find, is the love that I’ve found ever since You’ve been around, Your love’s put me on the top of the world.”

Are you aware that God has put you on top of the world and put you in a position where you can look down on creation? When Jesus rose from the dead He raised you up with Himself and placed you on a seat (a throne) in the heavenly realms, in Him, far above all worldly power and authority. You truly are on top of the world.

This world with its opinions and philosophies, its do’s and dont’s, is not applicable to you and you do not need to live your life in conformity to its dictates. When Jesus rose from the dead He took you with Him. This is not a truth that is applicable for a time which is to come, it is applicable to you right now! You can rule the world. You have been given a seat of authority, you have been given the right to decree and see the kingdom of heaven be manifest in and through your life.

But the only way to get to your throne is through the love that Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father, have for you. This joyful feeling of love is the power you have over the universe. All of creation responds to the sound of His song of love in your heart. When you respond to the love song of the Lord within you with a song of your own, it will put you high above all trouble, and fear, and pain, and ungodliness, and bring you into a place of great joy, pleasure, and abundance.

Now go sit on top of the world and look down on your circumstances, hopes, dreams and desires, and release a song of love to them. Speak to them in tender affection and kindness. Be tender and affectionate with yourself too because this is how Jesus is towards you.

Too being on top of the world! Cheers! 😊





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