One More Frog!

How passionate are you about frogs? Yes! No! If you think they are adorable, cute little creatures or slimy and gross, how would you deal with the following?

In Egypt many moons ago, Pharaoh had an issue with God’s man Moses. Moses was on a divine mission to set the children of Israel free and Pharaoh was on a mission to keep them enslaved. Moses trusted in God and Pharaoh in his gods. In one of the encounters between the two, with Pharaoh still resisting God and boasting about how great his gods were, Moses warned Pharaoh that the frogs are coming!

Pharaoh laughed, after all, his gods were well able to deal with frogs. That night the frogs arrived. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones – they just kept coming. They covered the streets, entered their homes and flooded the palace. Wherever you looked, there were frogs! They found their way into the cupboards, into the river and streams and water pots. Everything was covered and contaminated with frogs!

Eventually Pharaoh could not handle them, and his god was not coming to his aid. Amid throwing more frogs off his throne he summonsed Moses and told him to remove the “*’” frogs! Moses smiled and politely asked him when he would like him to do this. Pharaoh looked lovingly at the frogs and said, “Tomorrow, tomorrow will be fine!” “As you wish,” replied Moses, “you may spend another night with your frogs!”

It was NOT the plan of God for the children of Egypt to “eat frogs!”

It was not His desire that they should have suffered any of the plagues that they suffered. It was God’s will to deliver the children of Israel and bring them into their promise and inheritance. It was Pharaoh’s stubbornness and rebellion against the will of God that opened the door for the suffering. If he had let Israel go, Egypt would have been fine, and God would have prospered them.

Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to see God as having a heart that is harsh and that He takes pleasure in vengeance. He does not! Jesus came to reveal the true heart and nature of God, and that His desire is to deliver everyone! Jesus came to reveal the work of the Father, which is love, mercy, grace and forgiveness; He came to reveal the works of the devil, which are sickness, disease, infirmity, oppression, death, hell on earth, and all manner of destruction. Then He also came to reveal who you are! One made in His image and likeness, with power and authority to rule and reign on the earth.

The difference between Pharaoh and Moses is that Pharaoh chose to continue serving his gods – his own pride and arrogance, and ways, thus having to suffer the plagues which are the works of his god, while Moses chose to serve God and as a result had power over the frogs.

In your life, you make the choice between “eating frogs” and “ruling over frogs.” The frogs symbolize those unpleasant tasks and stressful situations you need to deal with. If you “eat” it, it will consume you, make you feel sick, and often paralyze you with fear. However, you can take that same negative and stressful task or situation, look at it and find a way to deal with it. This comes through submitting to God through praise and thanksgiving. When you choose to be joyful instead of stressful, you rule!

Remember, God does not make you eat frogs! He teaches you to rule over them!

Have a joyful day! 😊





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