Patience! … Patience!

How patient are you really? Especially when you think time has passed your “DUE DATE?”

When time has passed its due date and your prayers have gone unanswered and the problem has worsened and there seems to be no end in sight, how patient are you? When hope seems gone and no solution is in sight, when anger stirs in your soul and disappointment lurks in the shadows, how persistent are you? In the face of ongoing adversity, are you willing to continue enduring the heartache and the pain, the suffering, and the frustration?

Are you still patient, cheerful, and hopeful?

It is a challenge to remain patient with a cheerful expectation of a positive outcome when nothing is going right and your emotions are under pressure. It is even more challenging in our “instant gratification” culture and life styles. However, God, however, is not concerned with your time table. He is concerned with your spiritual growth because He has an eternal purpose for you and needs you to become mature in your character and behaviour.

If you are suffering in trial and hardship remember that the treasure to be found in this is not the relief of your suffering but the perfection of your faith and your growing up in Him. He is directing you in the way of righteousness and victory, how to walk in His ways, how to remain cheerful and hopeful in Him, so that you may become perfect and mature. This will result in a life that bears much fruit and brings great glory and honour to Him.

Whatever you are facing today, face it with cheerfulness, stay hopeful not fearful, and keep walking with your faith firmly fixed on Him who loves you more than anything in this world.

Be patient, all is well! 😊





Scripture reference: James 1:4

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  1. I’ve prayed years on end for a husband , a house and a car but till today I’m single , staying at my parents house and using public transport. It’s almost like nothing I ask god for comes to reality I’m grateful for all the blessings God has given me his mercy and grace but sometimes I feel like none of the things I desire will come into my life.