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Today we begin with Jesus’ letter to Pergamum. There are lots of little nuggets here that we will look at, but there will also be a bit of a “spanking” for those who are being naughty! 🤨

Pergamum means ‘married’ so Jesus is talking to you from a very personal and intimate position. He takes His love for you very seriously because you are the love of His life! Also, remember, Scripture uses marriage, husband, wife, bride, and bridegroom as a comparison to help you understand spiritual truths. You are not and never will be getting married to Jesus as a “wife” in a beautiful white dress with angels all around!

When Jesus uses the marriage metaphors it is to draw your attention to your eternal union and relationship with Him. The marriage union here on earth between a man and a woman is God’s holy design. It reflects the immense value He places on His union and relationship with you. In this union with Him He is considered the male principle and humanity is the female principle. In heaven there is NO marriage between men and women. In heaven everyone is the same and there is no difference between the roles and authority that both God’s sons and daughters have.

Yes, you will still appear as a man or a woman in heaven. God has sons and daughters. We are different in our appearance but not in our function, rights, and authority, before God. The reason we have so much chaos in the earth today with marriage, divorce, gender identity, and other forms of chaos, is because Satan hates anything that resembles God and your relationship with Him. Satan’s agenda is to destroy everything and anything that remotely looks like heaven.

To my brothers in Christ, can I please encourage you to take pride in the fact that you are a man. You have been made in God’s perfect design and image and you need to be proud of who you are. Do not let the enemy of your soul lie to you and make you feel anything less than who you have been created to be. To my sisters, please be proud of the wonderful creation that you are. You are designed and fashioned to be God’s daughter. Don’t let satanic influences try and convince you otherwise. Stay true to who you are. Stay true to your creator. Stand up for what is holy. We have an enemy that is working hard to destroy humanity, but we are an army that will constantly get in his way, bring his plans to naught, and ultimately push him into a corner that the only place he can go to is the lake of fire!

Marriage is holy to the Lord as it offers a place of protection and sanctification to the husband, the wife and the children against the whiles of the devil. In the same way your union with the Lord protects Him, you, and the family of God. Marriage is a holy mystery that Satan has effectively assaulted through divorce, violence, sexual immorality, selfishness, etc. But God is not dealing with the issues of physical marriage as much as He does your relationship with Him. Your marriage may be in a total mess here on earth, but it has no bearing on your union with Him. It’s your union with Him that matters most. (This does not mean your earthly marriage does not matter before God, it does. Very much so and it has the highest place of honour and victory in heaven.)

In the letter to Pergamum we will see where the very seat of Satan sits and the demonic plans he institutes against the saints. But Jesus also reveals His majestic plan to overthrow these demonic plans. And, true to His eternal love for you, He will not tolerate the work of Satan in your midst – your inward being or your heart. Your union with Him is His utmost priority in your life because He looks at His eternal life and union with you! No one and nothing will separate you from His love nor the plans He has for you.

The world is in chaos and demons are screaming everywhere. But do not fear, the greater one lives in you! Also, never believe that Satan is winning, because he is not! The louder he screams the more you know the saints are doing him damage. Go up, sit on your throne with your God and you will see things from a very different perspective.

Be blessed and know that you are loved.


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