Pergamum 10

The name of the Lord is more than just the verbal pronunciation of His name. The power that is in His name comes from the revelation of the One who IS the name. And Jesus reveals who He is to the Church through His doctrines.

He reveals HIS doctrines in the letter to the Hebrews chapter 5-6. Sadly, I have heard many sermons on moving on from the “milk” or foundational doctrines of Christ to “the meat” of the word. But if you take a careful look at those passages you will find that you cannot move on to the true meat of the word unless God is willing for you to do so.

In other words, until God thinks you are ready to receive the revelations of the doctrine of righteousness, which has to do with the Melchizedek priesthood and your ministry as a priest in His temple. Ministry in the throne room, which is more than just prayer, is powerful and it requires you to be skilled in the Word of righteousness. However, without the foundational doctrines being firmly established within your inner world, the responsibility here would be too much for you.

There are six basic or foundational doctrines which come together in the seventh. But I cannot deal with these now. I do encourage you to go and take a careful look at those doctrines and assess how well you know them, which means experiencing them as living doctrines within you. And how would you fit these doctrines into heavenly, or eternal, revelations?

Jesus is the revelation of God and the kingdom of heaven. His name draws you deeper into God and the kingdom. This is what Jesus is doing in the book of Revelation. All throughout the “drama” of Revelation, Jesus is revealing who He is, so that you may come to know who you are. As He is, so are you. Right now, in this world, in your body and the life around you, you are just like Him. This may be difficult to understand, but the truth is not based on your comprehension of it but on who He is.

Jesus commended the saints in Pergamum for clinging tightly to the power of His name. How do you do that? It is quite simple; the difficulty is in how disciplined you are. Jesus’ name is THE WORD OF GOD. If you are going to hold onto Him and cling tightly to Him you will have to do so where words abide and words abide in your mind, or your soul.

You hold onto faith in God through your thoughts. In your mind you focus on what Jesus said and you do not allow any other thought that tries to contradict what He has said to pull your thoughts away. Learning to control your thoughts and to keep your mind fixed on Jesus takes mental discipline. It is an inward discipline which is invisible to the world around you. This is why Jesus said God looks on the heart and not on the outward conditions of your life.

Remember, the saints in Pergamum were being murdered for their faith. Outwardly their circumstance was dire but inwardly they were high above the kingdoms of this world. They held onto the eternal hope that was set before them, which is the resurrection of the body from the grave. When you are eternally, or heavenly minded you can cope with the things of this world, no matter what they may be.

Whatever circumstances you may be facing today, take an inward break, and sort out your thoughts. Do you know what the will of God is in the battle you are facing? If not, then ask Him and search His kingdom. Once you know what His will is, which is always an eternal truth, then fix your inward thoughts upon that and don’t let go.

For example, I believe it is the will of God for me to walk in divine health. Why? Because there is no sickness or disease or death in heaven. If I am an eternal child of God and I am as He is now, then it makes sense that I am healed. Healing is an eternal decree (judgment) concerning me. But I have sickness that is still manifest in my body. Does this nullify the truth regarding healing for me? No. Does this mean it is not God’s will for me to be healed? No. It simply means I am in a battle against the works of darkness in me and I am learning to overcome them by keeping my mind in agreement with Jesus and not the work of darkness. This takes discipline because the voice of the enemy does come, and he does challenge your faith in God.

The same is true for every adverse circumstance in your life. Force your thoughts to cling tightly to the truth that is in Jesus because He is THE TRUTH and everything that contradicts what THE TRUTH has said is a lie. When you change your inner world, your thought life, then you will find your outer world coming in line as well.

Next, we will look at why Satan has permission to persecute and even kill the saints.

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    1. Hello Judith
      Yep tests and trials are never pleasant experiences and the heart is a powerful emotional place. But no matter what, know this, your heavenly Father loves you and He has already planned your escape and your victory over whatever you are facing. Keep rejoicing in Him through worship and thanksgiving. For not long from now you will see the sunshine break through on you and you will see your way clearly.
      Love you and praying for you.