Pergamum 12

The Lord shared an enchanting thought with me this morning. He said,

“You have to go off-world if you want to go into heaven 😊!”

Here is the beauty of that statement. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ and your resurrection in Him, you have the power to go “off-world!” And this is not difficult to do because the gateway into the other world is in the imagination of your heart. God is not somewhere far off in another galaxy, He is within your own heart, right in the midst of your own inward world. How impressive and enchanting is that!

I want you to remember that there is this real world, an invisible spiritual world, that God has created within you. It is right in the heart of your being, the deepest, most secret, and intimate place. Here you live and interact with Him and other spiritual beings. Spiritual beings do not interact with you through your physical senses, they interact with you through the senses of your soul and spirit.

Did you know that you do not see and hear with your natural eyes and ears? These are simply gateways through which light and sound travel until they arrive in your imagination. In your imagination they are converted into living words and images. The same is true for all five of your senses. Scripture says to guard your heart (imagination) for out of it flow the forces of life, or death if you so choose.

Don’t underestimate what goes on inside your head. Ask the Lord to help you become conscious of the thoughts, images, and conversations that go on within you. This is the place where you invite the Lord to come and live with you. Again, His presence, His voice, and the images of the kingdom of heaven come through the senses of your spirit and, just like your physical senses, are seen and experienced in your imagination.

You could say that the imagination is the heart of the soul. We have this tendency to separate our soul from anything spiritual and many sermons have been preached against it; that the soul is evil (and the body), that it cannot be trusted, etc. However, I believe the opposite is true. When you are born again, all of you is born again. When you were born physically you were born as a spirit, a soul, and a body. They are three in one. So why would that not be true when you are born again?

You are now a child of God, born from or out of Him. You are made from the same substance that Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are made of. They are perfect. You are perfect. They are holy, you are holy. They are righteous, you are righteous. This is who you are. But YOU are not the same thing as the place where you live, and it is the place where you live that now needs to be brought into the order of God’s perfection, holiness and righteousness.

Did you get that? YOU are perfect. Your spirit is perfect, righteous, and holy. Your soul is perfect, righteous, and holy. Your body is perfect, righteous, and holy. It is your kingdom, your inner world, your realm or the invisible dimensions in which you live – spirit, soul, and body – that you need to govern over and bring into heavenly order.

You do this through learning who you are as a spirit, soul, and body in Christ and in His eternal kingdom. When you go “off-world” and into the eternal realm of heaven you will see that you are not at all what you are here on earth. You look different, you feel different. You are perfect, righteous, and holy. You shine. There you have everything you need for life and godliness, and from there you rule and reign over every unrighteous and ungodly thing that rises up against you, within you.

And all this takes place within the realm of your soul.

I will do a short talk on the makeup of the soul tomorrow and then we can look at the one who was a murderer from the beginning and where his city is …

Scripture Reference: Rev 2:12; 1 Thes 5:23; Rom 12:1-2; Lk 17:21; Jn 1:13; Jn 3:5; 1 Pe 1:23; Prov 4:23

Have an “off-world” day! 😂😇


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    1. Hi ??
      I answered you on email 😁

      But for anyone else that has the same question, here is my reply.

      Firstly, let me encourage you and tell you that you are not alone in this seeing black condition. Most people I know, including me, see black, or brown or orange, when we close our eyes depending on how much light is in the room.

      Seeing in the spirit happens two ways. Some people can see in full HD colour and can move out of their bodies (don’t freak out, you are a spirit and you can move independently from your body). I have not been able to either yet, but I am believing God for it.

      The other is through perception and understanding. Even though there is a “blank screen” in front of your eyes does not mean you cannot see. When I talk about seeing the Lord I am coming from this perspective and as I practice allowing my imagination to become active the senses of my soul and spirit have gotten greater.

      As I said in the blog, you see in your imagination, and I promise you, you are seeing by way of thoughts is way more than you are aware of 😊.

      Paul said that here on earth we see as if through a darkly coloured lens – hence the dark screen you are seeing. However, as you focus and look through this lens you will begin to see things and you get to know what they are. Then you have to act in faith and trust that the Lord is revealing the things of heaven to you. You will sense that He is near, or in front of you, or holding you, etc. When this happens allow your physical sense to get involved. Your thoughts will connect you to what you are “seeing” and your emotions will awaken to those thoughts. Now you begin to experience the Lord, even though you have not yet seen Him in full HD colour. You begin by faith and as you stay faithful and develop your trust the Lord will reveal more and more to you.

      Now, to show you that you can see with your eyes closed I want you to do the following exercise. Close your eyes and think about your bedroom. With your eyes still closed verbally describe your bedroom. Then think about someone you love and with your eyes closed describe them according to what they appear like in your imagination. What colour clothing are they wearing? What is the colour of their hair? Are they wearing shoes, standing up or sitting down?

      Then close your eyes and think about where you are right now. Close your eyes and describe the room. Who is in the room? Can you smell anything? What are you feeling – happy, sad, nothing? Become conscious. What are you thinking? What thoughts came up as you did this? Make a note. Try and write down what you thoughts and felt.

      Then, when you are alone, read a passage of Scripture, something from the Gospels where Jesus did something. Read it and then close your eyes and imagine what it would have been like if you were there watching Him. Describe what you see and feel. If there is nothing, read it again and again until you are familiar with the event. The more you do this the more alive it will become.

      And all this can take place in your imagination without you seeing any colour at all.

      I now have glimpses into the spirit world where I see colour or colours become more evident while I have my eyes closed. But for the most part I have full on encounters with the Lord and the kingdom of heaven where my whole spirit, soul and body are “caught up” in the wonder and the beauty of heaven.

      Finally – TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!!!!