Pergamum 17

What is Jesus doing with the saints in Pergamum when He says He has something against them? Firstly, I think He is out to get their attention. To wake them up. This is a conscious awakening, an awakening in their thinking. His goal is to get their minds back on Him. He wants them to “come up here!” Their thinking about spiritual things has taken a dive and He wants them to come into victory.

This is so often the case in our own lives. We face trouble and persecution, sometimes to the point where we think we are going to die, and we desperately hold onto our faith in the Lord. This is great and well pleasing to Him and even if you die in the process, you die as a martyr because you lived for Him. Make no mistake, great will be your reward in heaven for great is the martyr’s reward.

But there is a reward that is even greater promised to those who overcome the enemies of their soul which He has revealed to them. This reward is for you to feast with Him on the hidden manna and to receive a white stone with your new name written upon it. These are mysteries and we will get to them later, but Jesus encourages them to pursue these with all their heart! 😊 Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when He said to store up treasures in heaven, where moth and rust (death and decay) cannot get access? Mat 6:19

Here are the rewards of heaven that Jesus revealed to the saints in Revelation 1-3:

  • The right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.
  • Not to be hurt by the second death.
  • Get to eat from his hidden manna and receive a white stone with your new name on it, which no one else knows.
  • Authority over the nations, and the morning star.
  • Be dressed in white, have your name written in the Book of Life, and have your name acknowledge by the Lord before the Father and His angels.
  • Make you a pillar in the temple of My God, have God’s name written upon you as well as the name of the City of God, AND the Lord will also write His name upon you.
  • The right to sit on His throne and to be seated with the Father on His throne.

These are awesome rewards and while we may not fully understand what they mean yet, they are the treasures of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the pearl of great price and He is worthy to be praised. To lay our life down for His sake, which is to forsake the thoughts and the opinions of this world, to follow His thoughts and ways, comes with such eternal and heavenly appreciation that to miss it will leave us heavily disappointed – gnashing our teeth and crying our eyes out!

May you be one who overcomes the enemy in the power of love and find yourself having fulfilled the high calling of God which is your in Christ Jesus.

To overcoming! 💥💥


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