Pergamum 18

Happy new week! May grace and peace follow you and lead you into an abundance of blessing and favour!

When it comes to the Lord and His Word you need to rest assured that He is not going to change! The one that is going to undergo change is you! And wherever you find yourself thinking like the world you will feel resistance in your relationship with the Lord. Just remember, there is a difference between resisting someone and rejecting someone.

Jesus will resist your way of thinking, but He will never reject you or cast you out. In the places of your mind where you think you know better than He does, you will find His words piercing your heart. Here is what happens in the unseen, secret world of your heart.

Jesus sees an area in your heart (your world, your kingdom, your life) which is under the control and influence of the devil. He hates anything demonic having any kind of stronghold over you because He loves you and is protective over you. Wherever He finds evil thinking lurking in your mind He targets it with His Word. He uses His Word like a sword and drives it into your thoughts to reach your emotions and move you away and out of the bondage of the devil into the freedom of His kingdom.

He is coming to set you free. How? Good question, because many people are waiting for Him to come on His mighty white horse; swoop them up in His arms and whisk them away to heaven where they will live happily ever after! (I used to be one of them!) But that is not what He does with any of the saints in any of the churches.

In every letter He calls them to OVERCOME their enemy! He is calling you to overcome your enemy!

Believe me, Jesus will send His Word, or the sound of His Voice, deep into your heart and mind and move you emotionally in one way or another. He will do whatever it takes to get you to move.

Satan is NOT Jesus’ enemy, he is yours!

Jesus has already conquered Satan and driven him out of heaven. He has raised you up to heaven and has now given you authority over the devil. Jesus conquered the devil for your whole being, spirit, soul, and body. Now it’s your turn!

You have such an advantage over Satan and when you become conscious of who you are in Christ as His child, you will activate the power of the resurrection, igniting your heart to be hysterical with joy. Nothing in your life would ever get you down. Satan is a liar, a thief, and a murderer, and he is out to destroy the Voice of the Lord within you. He is so afraid of you and the One you belong to that his only hope is to get you to believe his ways, (being the ways, thoughts and philosophies of this world), are better than God’s ways.

The only way Satan can keep his power and authority over humanity is by keeping the saints engaged in their physical problems and mankind’s problems here on earth. He will keep us busy with all kinds of earthly things just to keep our minds off heavenly things, especially thoughts that pertain to the eternal heavenly kingdom of Jesus Christ. He relentlessly persecutes the saints to keep their minds on earthly things. Through persecutions, tests, and trials, Satan’s goal is to raise up an accusation in our hearts against God and/or our brothers and sisters. For as long as he can keep us at war with one another and this world; his kingdom will rule.

Our victory over the works of darkness – sin, death, and decay – increases as we become heavenly minded. To be heavenly minded is to see from an eternal perspective and to start calling those things that are eternally true in God’s invisible kingdom and declare them to be so in our hearts, our minds and our mouth.

When we become decisive about who Jesus Christ is and align ourselves with what He says, we will overcome the works of the devil and bring heaven to earth.

Let heaven come! 💖


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