I pray that the eyes of your inner world become brighter and brighter, flooded with the joy and delight of the Lord as you behold His amazing kingdom.

The saints in Pergamum faced three issues, idolatry, sexual immorality, and murder (the spirit of accusation). We have looked at idolatry and how it is related to your thought life and how you process things internally, either with the Lord or with the enemy. Just remember, the central theme in this whole saga is you. Where do you stand and what are you doing? Only you can examine your inner world and figure out what is going on in there. The world and religion will look at your outward failures but always remember God sees your inner world. He sees who you really are, and He knows what is really going on and the internal enemies you are facing.

The next issue Jesus raises is sexual immorality. This is a big subject but again, religion has brought it down to an external sin, which is serious as it reveals a huge inward problem, and just like idolatry its destructive root lies deep within your thoughts and beliefs.

Have you ever wondered why sexual immorality is such an issue to God? Is it because He just does not want you to have sex outside of marriage, etc., or is there something more sinister going on that links you to the world of darkness? Why is all sin considered an act outside the body but sexual sin is a sin against your own body? What is so important about your body and how do sexual sins affect your inward being and eternal life?

I think that knowing there is a current and eternal consequence being the loss of eternal rewards is the greatest. Remember, in everything Satan’s domain is looking to destroy you and everything God has laid up for you. Your rewards are eternal, and very real in the heavenly realms. These rewards as well as your physical life are a huge prize to Satan and his kingdom. Put it in focus, Jesus says that to those who OVERCOME the issues (He is not going to take them away because they are your choices) within their own hearts will receive the eternal rewards He has for them.

When Jesus said there would be those He would have to send away into outer darkness He meant it. And the reason He would send them away is because He never KNEW them. In other words, they were never intimately involved with Him but with another. That other being is a demonic spirit enforcing the right and rule of Satan and his kingdom over you. The question to ask then is how do you get intimate with Jesus? Also, remember the whole story of Revelation is about your final union with the King, known as the marriage supper of the Lamb. (And NO, it is not a wedding as per the worldly weddings we have here on earth! No flowing white dresses and tiaras! The union of marriage is an earthly metaphor which has a different meaning and appearance in heaven.)

In Scripture Jesus is revealed as a husband and the church as His bride. Marriage is about the union between a man and a woman before God and in Revelation it is about the union of The Word (Jesus) and Your Words. The more your thoughts and emotions become unified with His the more intimate you become with Him. When Jesus used the word “knew you” He was talking about the inner union of your thoughts with His thoughts. The more your thoughts are “engaged” with His the more He knows you and the more you know Him.

There is something very powerful that begins to take place within you as you join your thoughts and ways with Him. The danger behind sexual sin is that it causes your mind and body to separate from Him and the knowledge of His kingdom. In Proverbs Jesus reveals that the adulteress (sexual sin) leads down to the chambers of death. Sexual immorality has an immensely powerful deceptive poison that seeps into your soul causing you to lose any desire for the Lord. It directly attacks your first love relationship, your union with the Lord, and leads you into death. This death is more than just the death of your body, its goal is to lead your soul to death too.

Not only this, sexual sin degrades your physical body and your soul. Your body is the temple, the home, in which the Holy Spirit lives. How this works I don’t know; there are a lot of things I don’t know but that does not make them any less true. And in the end, Jesus is wiser than the whole lot of us put together! Your body is a marvellous and holy creation of God which He bought for Himself when He died. Your body belongs to Him and is magnificent to Him.

But Satan desires to occupy your body and he needs you to sin against God with your body in order to possess it. Sexual immorality is powerful because it unites your soul and your body to that of demons. Demons desire to be united with you in your mind and your body. Please be alert, there is a lot of spiritual activity that hangs around sexual immorality and it is very serious business before God, so much so that it can, if unchecked, cause you to turn away from Christ altogether.

This is something no one can afford.

I am a firm believer that once you are born again you are born of God, you are His child, and have a beautiful, perfect union with Jesus Christ. There is nothing you can do that will cause Him to separate Himself from you, no matter how bad your struggles against sin are. However, sexual immorality is spiritual unfaithfulness and it will lead you into the realm of death and at that point, when your love for death is greater than your love for the Lord, you may find yourself wilfully separating or divorcing yourself from Him. In this case there would be a second death for you and thereafter there is no longer any redemption available for you. Once you divorce yourself from Him it is over. He will do whatever it takes to hold onto you and He will love you to the end, but once you have made up your mind to permanently unite to Satan, He will let you go.

Hear me, hear me well, sexual immorality is deadly serious. If you are caught in the snare of sexual immorality, repent, and turn away.

In the next blog I will share with you on how to overcome this deadly enemy to your soul.

Have a beautiful day!  🏵🌸  


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